Tuesday, 5 May 2020

I took over The Power Of Dreams radio show

Hey my friends,

If you are connected with me through one of my social media channels: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter @jimenezmarlon72 or LinkedIn, you might know I was recently invited to take over The Power of Dreams show at Dublin South FM , and I am still pinching myself.

The producer of the show, Marian Shanley, invited me to participate and I am very grateful to her for giving me such a great opportunity.

My colleague, Katie Donohoe, wrote an article about it for GCN - where we work and the response has been amazing.

I won't overwhelm you with letter and this is the link to the actual show CLICK HERE.

Thank you everybody for the great support.


Thursday, 2 April 2020

I can tell you where mine came from...

The more we live, the more we learn and the more we learn, the more we love ourselves. This is my mantra.

When I was a little boy a group of my friends - neighbours - organised a party and, for not reason, they didn't invite me  (now thinking back, that's what is called passive-agressive bullying). I was very upset and my Mother was very annoyed and also upset for me.

As I was looking over the fence, crying, they saw me and "felt" sorry for me and asked to join them. My mother was aware of what was going on. As I was going to make the move, she came over to me and said "You are not going to that party. They had you upset and you are not a second-hand plate." I begged her to let me go, but she was having none of it and said "Absolutely not, have some dignity, have some respect. You are not going."

I still have that very powerful moment with me. That moment still lives in me. That's where my dignity comes from. I still wonder, why such an infantile dynamic meant something for her, we were only kids, but she took it to her heart and, of course, made a very powerful lesson for life moment for me.

This is why I always put me first. Even in my marriage, I alwasy put me first. This is not selfishness, it is the ability to avail your own emotional resources first and then transfer them onto others, if it is possible.

Having dignity is the reason why people with bully tendencies  do not try to bully me because I am well able to lay down my bounderies of self-respect, and I would make them known and noticed.

The reason I am explaining this is because I recently published a post on my Facebook called "Dysfunctional friends" and it received an OK reaction so I wanted to explain why my dignity is the centre of who I am.

You can read my Facebook post below after my signature or go to my Facebook page.

Thanks for reading.


Some self-reflections to be shared.

It is true that human interactions can be challenging, because we are human, but I still think that in those interactions our diginity and self-esteem should always prevail.
For example, you should be wise enough to discern what a real friend is. A real friend do not try to put you down to up themselves. A real friend do not talk behind your back to other people about you or support others who do because this behaviour makes them complicit. A real friend do not tell others about your flaws and shortcomings. A friend is not someone who is jealous of others. For example, a real friend doesn't tell you or others you have an unhealthy eating problem and when they were saying it they were in McDonald's. Seriously!!!
I know sometimes those "friends" are only projecting their own unhappiness and internal discomfort, but that's their issue, not yours.
And let me tell you something, I am proud enough to say that I teach people to treat me the way I should be treated, and that’s due to my strong self-esteem.
One of the many virtues my loving Mother instilled in me was dignity and self-respect which translate my very solid self-esteem - which is why I do not have space in my life for the kind of 'friends' I just described above. It will be a dysfunctional "firendship".
Two last things: 1) Remember that bullies exist only if we allow them to bully us and 2) I feel I am honoring my Mother's memory every time I close the door to those who don't deserve to be in my life. If you have a toxic person in your life, get rid of them immediately . They are not worth it.

On that note: Keep loving and keep safe ❤️

Thursday, 27 February 2020

Me as a little boy.

That little boy you can nearly recognise in the photo is me in a clown 🤡 custom. I was in 3rd grade and was nearly 9. Two years later that photo, my mommy suddenly passed away. I was I am and will always be heartbroken 😭
Her name was Carmen and she loved me dearly. She made me feel I was the most wonderful human being In the whole world and to this day I still feel like that. She ingrained in me an enormous sense of dignity for who I am.
Nobody would ever love me they way she did. She is the reason for me being me. She is the reason why I love myself so much. She is the reason why I tend to be self-reliant. I don’t need to go out there to look for appreciation because I already appreciate myself. I have that within me.
If somebody doesn’t like me, I don’t care, but if somebody loves me, I do appreciate it 🥰
I have to confess, I have never loved anyone the way I loved my Mommy, but oh boy the way I love my husband is getting very very close to that love.
So I thank my mommy’s memory for equipped me with the perfect feelings to love my husband. John is the centre of my universe. The owner of my heart. I am very protective of him. I adore him for who he is and I truly believe what we have is very special because it’s in the name of love.
So thank you so much Mother for the loving legacy you left me which I am sharing with my partner in life: John Henry Compton, not even his smelly farts has made me to loving him less 😂 #Loveislove 
Thanks for reading

Monday, 17 February 2020

...But is it really?

Love, compassion, joy, happiness, contentment, hate, rage, anger, rancour, jealousy, resentment etc... are powerful feelings that have existed since humankind was "created". Those feelings are pivotal components of who we are as humans. We all have a common denominator and that is being human.
Neither the internet or social media have created these feelings in us, but, yes, we might use these channels to express them. If these channels didn't exist, we would find a way to project whatever feelings we might be embraced by. It is just what it is because it is just what we do. Why? because we are only human and therefore complex creatures.
To put it in different words, before the internet and social media millions of people were killed in the name of hate, and millions of people were born in the name of love. So as we can see, these powerful feelings have always existed.

Our place in a very "interconnected" world

The above reflection is based on personal experience, but also based on living in a world where the technological tools available to us can be both utopian and dystopian, depending on our propensity to either or. Whichever our stance is, we must be very aware of the sense of responsibility that comes with using online platforms to communicate or inform or promote or tell whatever it might be we want or need to.

A very good example is singer-songwriter-actress Lady Gaga who has famously defined social media as "the toilet of the internet". The interesting thing is that her Facebook page has over 58m Likes and 56m followers. She has over 80m followers on Twitter, and over 39m followers on Instagram. I know we are not Lady Gaga, but in a very pop culture-driven world where celebrities can hugely influence us, do you not think her claim is quite contradictory?

So I think this opens the conversation of is the internet/social media "bad" or “useless” when it does not work in our convenience and/or favour? Or social media should be used the way we think it should be - a different way is not "acceptable" because it is not our way? Or is it we can find it difficult to accept and deal when the things we put out there for public scrutiny don't play out the way we originally intended? Or more importantly if it is so bad, why are we on social media at all? The questions we need to ask ourselves are endless.

What should we then do as social media lovers?

It is true that there is a dark side to the internet, but there is a very bright one, too. Whichever we go for, it's totally down to us and not the internet itself.

In my very own opinion, there is not right or wrong, but different. Once we are not causing harm, spreading hate or organising crimes, we can use our SM the way we would like to. I particularly love talking about my life and that includes my husband and dog, and about whatever it is going on in my life. I use it to share my singing (even though terrible) and dancing. To share photos and videos. I try to spread love and positive vibes whenever I can.
This is what I have been doing and I will continue doing because I love it. It is my platform, it gives me a voice and I find that empowering. And if somebody doesn't like it, so be it!

To finish, just two last things: Never stop being yourself, whatever that means to you. There is a price to pay, yes, there is, but we must be ready to pay that price if we want to be authentic, again whatever "authenticity" means to you. We have a place on earth and we can use it as we like once, again, we are not causing any harm.

One very important thing I always try to keep in mind is that, in life in general, human interactions can be quite complex and very challenging at times, both off and online. The things we say and do, sometimes the way we behave, our actions etc, have consequences, both positive and negative. When it comes to the negative ones, the question is what can we learn from them to move on to try to have a happy life? We should always try to find the lessons, because the lessons are always there. It is important to have full ownership of the consequences of our actions, at least for me it is.

Apart from that, let's live, love and let's have a laugh. Let's be joyful, let's dance and sing even if your singing is as terrible as mine hehehe. We live once so let's try to make the best of it.

Thanks for reading. 

Tuesday, 4 February 2020

Sunday, 12 January 2020

Our stay in the Radisson Blue Hotel/Spa Sligo

I wrote this article/review for GCN - Gay Community News - the magazine which you can find online on www.gcn.ie

In need of a relaxing time out away from the stresses of modern living? No need to hop on a plane when Ireland has so much to offer. Marlon Jimenez-Compton set off for beautiful Sligo to see what the West had to offer.

Heading off for our break away to the Radisson Blu Hotel and Spa in Sligo, (a county I have never visited before) all I could picture in my head was the Atlantic ocean. An ocean that is as blue and beautiful as the sky itself. So I knew something majestic was waiting for us even before we got there.
When we arrived, we were greeted at the reception by friendly smiles which not only made us feel welcome but also at home. When we were directed to our room, it was more spacious and comfier than we expected. I opened the curtains and there were two very green mountains - a picturesque spectacle of nature. I was amazed and enthralled by the view of Sligo Bay.

Meanwhile John, my husband, was making sure all the room’s amenities were in the right place and ready to function; from the high-speed wifi to the TV, the heating to the hot water. And yes, everything was working to perfection! I think it's clear that as a couple, our definitions of comfort are diametrically opposed. I love smiles and nature as part of a great great service. John loves smiles and technical commodities as part of his, so it is fair to say that the Radisson Blu Sligo had something for both of us!

We didn’t want to leave the comfort of our room just yet, so we ordered brunch to be delivered. We ate and talked while contemplating the view - which made our brunch even more delicious.
I went to the spa - which is adjacent to the fitness centre - and what a fantastic place. It's the perfect spot to unwind; with an indoor pool, jacuzzi, sauna and steam room. The spa offers top-rated treatments, massages, facials and relaxation therapies. I booked a full body massage which was such a soothing experience. I felt so relaxed afterwards. When I left the spa it felt like I was walking in the clouds.

It is worth mentioning that the Hotel offers a wide range of outdoor activities which include kayaking, surfing and hill walking. An added bonus of taking one of these activities is that you will be surrounded by the beautiful countryside of Rosses Point.
When the evening arrived, I was still wrapped up in a balmy feeling from the massage. However, I was ready to dress up and go to the restaurant for a well-deserved dinner for two. Considering what I had enjoyed and experienced so far, I of course had high expectations, and so did John, who couldn’t wait to treat his palate with his favourite – medium-cooked steak.

The Classiebawn Restaurant more than met our expectations. It was a real treat. From the service to the actual food and the wine. Delicious, succulent and just gorgeous. I had fish, sea bass to be exact, it was so fresh that it felt it swam to my plate straight from the ocean. John also loved his steak!
When dinner was over, we were offered, courtesy of the house, an Irish coffee. To finish the night, we went to the Waves Bar for a few drinks before going to bed after a superb evening full of pampering.
The next day, on our way back to Dublin, we were reminiscing about all we had experienced. All we can say is that the whole thing was just fantastic. So yes, we both highly recommend it. I would love to go back and enjoy it all over again from the moment we were welcomed by smiles. Smiles as big and Blu as the Atlantic Ocean.

To book your stay at the Radisson Blu Hotel and Spa visit www.radissonhotelsligo.ie or call +353 71 914 0008.


Tuesday, 31 December 2019

2010 - What a decade it's been...

As a new decade is about to begin, I can't help but feeling fortunate about having made it this far. So yes I can sincerely say I feel privileged to be alive and healthy.

The last decade was full of wonderfull things, however I have also experienced painful, sad things, but I guess Ce la vi. I am a firm believer that, in life, to really value the great experiences, parodoxically, we have to experience the not too great ones. too. This is one of the many misteries of life.

Througout 2010, I put myself through college a couple of times and completed a couple of diplomas and certicates. The last and most recent one "Train the Trainer" QQI Level 6 which I completed with a disticintion. I am happy to say I am a Qualified Trainer. Training/Learning and Development is my absolute passion. I feel I was born to not only teach and train, but also to influence and motivate. So yes, fair play to me.

I changed jobs 3 times. I created Marlife - which has been a little bit neglected latrely but still a platform I intend to keep.

I turned the BIG fat 40.


I lost a couple of family members and friends. Grief is a horrible feeling and it becomes more horrible as we get older because we are more aware of how precious life is. At least, I think so. I miss those loved ones terribly and I keep wonder if I ever took them for granted now that they are gone?

I have been hit by sadness, but I am defined my love

I am always trying to find ways to become a better person to be a better everything and that includes, first and foremost, a better husband to my hubby John, my partner in crime of nearly 16 years.

We have legalised our union twice: Civil partnered in 2011 and got married in 2016

And thank God we are still together. What would we do without each other?

As you can see, 2010 as a decade has been quite eventful. Full of many things. I have met so many wondeful people along the way. People I am happy to have in my life in one way or another. People I am still in touch with. People who have become and still are my firends. I love people because I love primarly.

So yes, life is wonderful. I am ending this decade with a jolt of happiness because happiness is my panacea. Happiness is who I am and who I will always be.

If you ask me will I change anything about these 10 years?  The answer is simple, no I would not because Ce la Vi.

Happy New Year everyone. In mine and hubby's name, I wish you a very happy 2020 and a decade full of health, joy and happiness.