Monday, 14 April 2014

My first letter to my love...

This coming 15th of July, I will be celebrating my 10th anniversary together with my beautiful husband, and our 3rd year married. Time flies so quickly, and in that passing, our love has grown and become stronger. We love each other to bits.

When you are such a romantic person - like I am - you can see the pink side of love shining all the time, even when you are going through a rough patch. When you are gay and romantic, like I am - oh me nerves! You can become cheesy and you can see and assume that the side of love is sparkling like a colorful rainbow. That couldn't get any gayer, could it? This is one of the many advantages of being gay, that you can be as cheesy as you like - and get away with it. Well I particularly always do, anyway!

I have expressed my romantic feelings to my man in so many cheesy ways, but I would like to make public the very first love letter I wrote to him. We were going out only 5 months at the time, and I decided to write a letter to him as part of his Christmas presents. I am going to literally transcript the letter and you will realize that my writing English back then was not as good as it is now. It has mistakes, those mistakes have improved now, but the heartfelt emotion I put into it those years back still remains the exact same today. I love my man, I really do, with every single cell my heart is made of, and this is exactly what I wrote:

                                                           We got the above picture taken that morning.

                                                                                                          "Dublin, December, 2004

My Wonderful Baby:

Words fail me to write the perfect message where I can tell how much I love you! You have gradually become part of my life and happiness that it would be difficult for me to go on in life without you. 
Since we are together, I have been trying to find something beautiful deep inside of me to give it to you as I want you to be the happiest person in the entire world.
My Baby...You are the best part of my every day. It's amazing how all my senses change when I think of you. It is also great when I've dreamt of that you are now My Inmortal Beloved...I truly mean it! In my reflections I have realised that God has given us a nice gift: The Nature. But you certainly are one of the most beautiful gifts the same God has given to the Nature...and it's even greater for me to know that such a treasure (You) is with me like a part of my heart.
This year, which is nearly dying, has been a good one. I got my "irish status" that is the beginning of a better life for me. I got good new friends, etc...Yet I have to say that you have been the best achievement of all, that's why I want you to be linked to me by love...pure love.
Let's enjoy together this magic time of the year (Christmas). Let's keep our faces lighting with a sincere smile. Let's hope next year 2005 be a better one for both of us and our families, too. Let's happiness continue to be part essential part of our lives as persons, human being and boyfriends.

                                        John, My Baby...

                                        Merry Christmas 2004 and  Happy New Year 2005!

                                        With all my heart! Your Baby who loves you a lot


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