Saturday, 14 June 2014

Her name is...Jenny Dawson!

This story is about a girl who is one of those people when you meet you get the genuine feeling she can be a good friend for life. She gives you a feeling of ‘you are OK, don’t worry about your problems because I can make you feel good with my laughter’ and we all love that. It seems to be that her mission in life is to make you feel good and that says a lot about her, who she is and even though life was not kind to her, still her smile is able to brighten up your face and gives you a sense of inspiration. She is lovely!

Her artistic side of her brain is so well-developed that she could of been an actress as she is able to transport you with her voice to an imaginary and fantastic places.  She has a deep, clear, sharp voice that implies she could work in radio to make you happy to wake up listening to her voice. Her voice tells you she could be a singer who could be out there singing the most beautiful and melodic songs for you, just for you.

Doing your hair is not a task or her job, it is just an art. Silently she makes you be aware she is sculpturing it, just to make you look good and as a result makes you feel fabulous.

She has a charming way to embrace you that is enchanting and knows how to sincerely get you. These are some of the reasons why she is a good daughter, good sister, good friend, good co-worker and good everything, I love her and I can say that she is one of those sisters I never had.

The whole universe sparkled in multiple bright and shinning colours the day she was born, because they knew this girl was about to enter the world to remarkably touch people’s lives, to make a contribution to who you are, to celebrate you in a honest way and I have to say that I have been one of those people touched by her kind and loving gesture and I feel honoured.

If she didn’t exist, we would have created one because we need her, life needs her because she is like an everlasting celebration to the simple things in life.

So many people lover her, but I admire, respect and love her and her name is…

Jenny Dawson!

Thumbs up Jenny!


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