Sunday, 22 June 2014

John Henry Compton...The man of Marlife.

Comunion boy
It is nearly impossible to write about this man – my man – and not to get emotional. He emotionally represents so much in my life, he is my love, my friend, my husband and the most special person to me. When I lost my mum, I lost my home so for so many many years I was longing for a new one, now  with him I have a home, a lovely sanctuary that is just for us and I feel  fortunate enough to be able to tell and share this magnificent feeling.

I met him a month later after I arrived in Dublin, for the first time, by chance, 11 years ago in The George. It was a Friday night and all I had in my head was dancing. I wasn’t aware that a year later he would become the man of my life. Life or destiny has a mysterious way to intertwine our hearts and I feel honoured to see that life or destiny intertwined my heart to his.

1st Modelling shoot
John Henry Compton was born in Dublin; his Mother is Pauline, an adorable elegant woman and his Father Sean Compton, an intelligent and witty man.  He grew up in Blackrock with his 3 brothers – Alan, Mark and Paul and his sister Debbie. He went to college in Dun Laoughaire where he studied art. He has a great artistic side to his brain, but I would personally say that performing and being in front of the camera is his biggest forte, which is the strong reason why he became a well-known Irish and international male model.
On top of his game
He is a beautiful man and has a very classic look, when I see some of his pictures, sometimes I can see he looks like a movie star. Gorgeous! His looks was the first good impression he had on me, but when one day I chatted to him it only took a few moments to realise that he was a very honest man (Again I have to stop typing cause I’m teary ). Honesty was for me his main beauty and it was just there and then when he conquered my heart…forever!

Because no one is perfect and nothing is perfect, we have had our ups and downs, we have been through a lot as individuals and as a couple, but we have managed to stay together because we love each other so much. We have tried to respect and understand each other, which is not always an easy task, but we have tried and achieved. We have grown together as people and as human beings and have had amazing adventures together. We have been naughty together and have had great fun. He is there for me, I am there for him. The reason we are together is - and I can say it from the bottom of my heart - because of the magic of love, love is magical, well it has been for the two of us.

My man's classic look
This 15 of July I am happy to say that we will be celebrating our  10thanniversary together and our 3rd year of marriage; yes we married on our anniversary.  If you ask me am I happy? Yes I am very happy, If you ask me will I do it again? Yes I would do it all over again, no doubts about it. He is my man, my friend, the person I want to grow old with and the simple reason is because he is undoubtedly the man of my life. I wouldn’t change a thing about him, because the way he is has affected very positively the way I am. I love you so much John Henry Compton and I am happy to see that you are the man of my life and of course Marlife!

Wedding invitation


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