Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Marlife and the Power of Social Media...

When I created my blog, my genuine intention was to write and to share with people my thoughts, outlook on life, feelings and opinions, etc. I never had in mind the idea of reaching an X amount of people. My objective never was to reach such audiences in the likes of Australia and/or Germany.
 I have been stopped on the street to be told "I'm reading your blog, well done" or "I came across with your blog somewhere, it's very good". I've met people in the supermarket saying  exactly the same. I've been out dancing topless, sweating and out of the blue in the middle of their drunk night, a guy has come up to say "I'm reading your blog". In the gym, 2 lads in between pumping up their muscles mentioned to me "we came across with your blog".

 Then I created my promotional card which I have been giving it out to people, but some of them have said "I'm already reading" or "I've read a few".
 All of these people are people that I don't know well or don't know at all. Some of them are not connected with me in any of my Social media platforms and I've found fascinating that they know all about my blog.
 Why? Because of the staggering Power of Social media which can allow whatever message you put out there become a snowball effect or in online terms "go viral".

 This short video shows how Social Media has become a powerful and effective platform to convey messages, to promote whatever it is that needs to be promoted, whatever it is to be talked about or been noticed. I have hugely benefited from it, that's the reason why "Marlife" is approaching the 7000 views and it has made me excited and a Social Media nutter. I love it!


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