Monday, 14 July 2014

My very heart-felt wedding speech...

" Don't worry guys, you look great from up here. The great thing about straight weddings, or let's say girl and boy weddings is that you can be as romantic as you like, but the great thing about gay weddings is that you can be as cheesy as you like. So you can imagine how cheesy this is going to be? And you know what guys? I'm already loving it! I have been an emotional and cheesy person all my life so I am allowed to be a cheesy person today because it's my wedding day? There is one person in this room to be blamed for my happiness and that person is my friend, Dr Cian Denihan. Talking about Cian, I still remember that day when I said to him that John has invited me to go to his house for dinner and I didn't want to go because I was single and I was having fun.  I was only a year in this country and Dublin was for me a novelty  so I was trying to have as much fun as possible so he encouraged me, that 15th of July, 7 years ago to go and have dinner with John in his house because John had invited me and he said to me  "well go, if I was you I would go" and he mentioned all the qualities John had. He said "John is nice nice man,  he is good looking and bla bla bla" But then he mentioned something that was really really revelant to me. He said "I have never heard anything bad about him" And being a model and a gay guy in the Dublin thing that has to be relevant.

That was exactly the last encouragement I needed to go and have dinner with John in his house, and now look at me now, 7 years later on my wedding day. That has to be the best advice he has ever given to somebody considering the happiness you have brought into my life.  So I want to say thank you to Cian and also I want to this opportunity to thank Him because he was the person who really helped me when I so needed it. So if it wasn't for him, I wouldn't be here tonight.

My background is a very humble one. I grew up in a poor house in Venezuela, but my Mother was always making sure to provide me with everything I needed to make my childhood as happy as possible. We didn't have economical resources at all, but she always managed to make sure I was OK. She died at 56 and I was only 11, but those 11 years I spend with her were full of joy and happiness. She taught me so many lessons in life and today I remember 2 in particular. She taught me to dream and how to fight for my dreams in order to make them come true. And the 2 lesson she taught me was to make my own decisionsI remember I was only 8 or 9 and I was having a tantrum (It was probably over a dress) and I remember her saying "OK fine, make your own desicisons, that's fine, but before making it think of the consecuences of your desicions, because even if you don't make a good one, in the end is gonna be your own choice" And I have never forgotten that lesson. Actually I have put that lesson into practise throughout my life and it has paid off, that's the reason I want to dedicate, today, my wedding day to her memory because marrying that beautiful man over there it has been one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life.

John when I made you my life changed forever. I have learnt to see life from another perspective because of you. You know the way I love myself very much? But I love myself even more since we are together because you have made complete. You have brought the best out of me, not only as a gay man but also as a person and I am grateful for that. I still remember our very first chat on the internet. The way you spoke to me, the way you were so honest and straightforward. That day you told me everything I need to know to be with you. And I remember finishing the whole conversation and going back and I re-read  the whole thing again and I went "fuck me, this guy is not only insanely good-looking, but also straightforward and honest" and they were the qualities that really brought me to you. We don't have a perfect relationship because we are human, therefore we make mistakes, but what I like about our relatioship is that we are always trying to have a relationship based on communication, understanding and respect and I think that's remarkable. You are not only my lover and my best friend, but you are also the person I want to be with for the rest of my life and from today I am going to be very proud to be calling you "My Husband". My wonderful husband...until he farts.

Now Sean and Pauline Compton thank you so much for bringing that beautiful man into this world, otherwise you wouldn't be becoming my husband today. Sean I have to say you are a great man and I have you in such high regard and I am very proud today to see that you're becoming "My Father In-Law". Pauline you are a definition of tenderness, you are an extraordinary woman who hasn'r realised how special you are and that's why I want to thank you for embracing me into your family the way you have. Thank you!

I couldn't continue talking about special and important people in my life without mentioning my friend Erik. Erik and I met in Venezuela around 10, 11 years ago. We had the same dream, we wanted to live our country searching for a better life, so we united our forces to try to make it happen. In the process we had some difficulties, but our determination was bigger than those difficulties and in the end we achieved what we wnated. I am pleased I met you those years ago and I want you to know today that you will always have a special place in my heart. Always.

This is the moment I was waiting for because. This not an opportunity to open my mind but also to open mu heart to all of you and last thing, in the name of being cheesy and emotional, if you have a dream, if you have an ambition, if you have an aspiration go out there and grab it to try to make happen, regardless what it's around you, because I am walking testimony of what dreams are all about and I am a walking testimony of what hapinnes is all about.

I want to thank you all for coming to John and I big day. It really meaningful. I want to thank the Angles Rest, this beautiful place, we got engaged here a year ago. I want to Thank Una Williams for those pictures. I can not wait to see them, especially to see myself. I want to Thank Jennifer and her boyfriend for videoing the day, thank you so much, and thank you all for joining us and please, please have a drink, have a great time and get really really drunk. OK, thank you!



  1. Very heart warming Marlon, the love I see you have for your husband, I can only hope to obtain one day for my wife xo.
    I'm loving nothing more than catching up on your blog this fine this fine Sunday morning.
    Much Love Amy xo

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