Sunday, 3 August 2014

What you don't expect while on honeymoon.

All those who know me, and now those who has got to know me through my blog, can see that I am a very positive person, and sometimes I'm a bit over the top saying that everything is wonderful, great and fabulous. Well, sometimes it's fucking NOT and as optimistic as I am, I've faced some sad eventful situations, but then again, I have learnt that to really appreciate the good we have to know the bad. That's life, Isn’t it?

And this story is part of our honeymoon. We were in Marbella and it was the last 3rd day of our honeymoon. We spent a lot of time with a family who gave us one of their apartments to stay in while in Marbella, it was part of their wedding present for us. John and I decided to go out for dinner and spent the entire evening together, just the 2 of us.
Days before we had been with friends to a place called "Locos", situated in a kind of underground parking lot, near the beach. The atmosphere is super contagious, so much fun. We had an amazing time. So John and I decided to go back to repeat our previous fun-experience.

We were a bit drunk, as we had wine and some cocktails with dinner. The place was a bit empty as it was Wednesday and we met this couple from Argentina - guy and a girl - and we got chatting to them, their English wasn't good so we were jumping from Spanish to English. John got bored and told me he was going to leave and I said Ok I meet you back in the apartment - which is only 5 minutes’ walk from where we were.
I was having a great time, talking, dancing, drinking with the couple we met but at around 1am I decided to leave, John had left at around 11 or so. I didn't have keys so I kept buzzing the bell and no answer. I thought he must be fast asleep. Rang his mobile many times and it would go straight to voicemail. I waited outside. 2 hours, 3 hours passed and no sign of anything and I started worrying. At that stage I was sobering up. Next thing John appeared around the corner, crying and screaming "I was mugged I was mugged". When I saw his face all bruised and bleeding my heart sank, I tried to hold my crying, trying to be strong to give him so sort of strength, but I just couldn't.

A Spanish family saw our discomfort, they saw me trying to call the police and the mother took my phone and gave the police the location where we were. We made a report and went to the hospital. The Police were really helpful and when they saw me so upset, they told me that that particular area was popular within muggers attacking English and Irish people because they say “they’re always drunk”. Also to give me some sort of consolation, they said “don’t feel bad, don’t feel guilty, you are on holidays, on your honeymoon. Who goes on holidays thinking that they have to count the amount of drinks they’ll have. This could’ve happen to anyone” Sometimes some situations, good or bad, are totally out of our control and that’s the core of my message today.

Click on the link for the full story written in the Mail on Sunday


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