Monday, 11 August 2014

Her name is...Cheryl O'Rourke.

Newborn Cheryl
She is one of those mysterious people in life who when you get to know her you realise she is someone  great, fantastic and amazing. She is a great human being whose main quality is loyalty. Someone who can be your friend for life, and she has a sincere smile that she unconditionally would give it to you because she knows you deserve it.

She is someone who has experienced unkindness from life, but those unkind experiences have made of her a very kind person who is very soft, very sweet and very honest.  She is someone who represents raw experiences that can be translated into the very beautiful human being she is, and I’m not talking about the outside, but the inside.
With her beautiful sister Chloe
She has a deep, beautiful, clear, transparent  inner-self – an inner world that is not easily exposed-  and I can honestly say that I have been privileged enough to get to know her rich, unique, inner world. I am happy to say that working together has given me the golden opportunity to develop a relationship that I can sincerely say it’s a friendship, a friendship that I will always treasure forever, deep down in my heart.

We have a song, or at least I have a song - that every time I play it, is because it reminds me of her. A beautiful song that I will not reveal because I would like to hold it as a private treasure for me (I  hope you remember the song I am talking about? Well If she doesn’t, no problem, I will forgive her, because I love her : ) We were working together, the song came on and she  made a comment, even though funny it was a sincere comment and I still have that moment in my mind, an especial moment to me, shared with me. And I would hold on the luxurious privilege of privacy to keep it to me and/or ourselves.
With cute brother Ciaran
I would love to finish this writing by telling her that she has no idea how meaningful she has been to me the way she has trusted in me. She has no idea how much I have valued every single conversation we have had about life and love and other stuff. She has no idea how many times she has melted my heart and this is the right indication to me to know that I care about her, that she is so relevant to me.  Someone who I will always think of as a kind, loyal and loving person who touched my heart and conquered my thoughts. Someone who I know, by all means, can be a good friend and someone who has a heart made of cotton. That cotton we all sometimes think clouds are made of.

She is someone I can honestly say is my pal, she is my friend, someone who is one of the reason I cannot wait to go to work to see and talk to and her name is…Cheryl O’Rourke.


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