Monday, 1 September 2014

Is it really the BIGGER, the BETTER? PART 2

Some myths and facts…

Again, because of our obsession about penis sizes, we tend to think or maybe hope – that a man with big feet, hands or nose is the equivalent of having a big juicy dick, but the reality is that there is absolutely no scientific medical evidence that this is true. There is no correlation between the size of our penis and other part of the bodies. Sorry if you think this is a spoiler for you : (

When it comes to statistics, yes African men come on top and Asian men on bottom, but it has been documented that climate can play a bit part in our penises when it comes to erection. Penises tend to shrink in cold weather, so erect they might reach the double of their potential. However, in hot weather, penises tend to hang low, trying to find release from the suffocation of the hot weather.

There are some studies that suggest that you don’t necessarily have to be black to have a big one, there’s plenty of Caucasian men who are very well-endowed and also some Asians.

In order to have an accurate size of a dick, it should be measured when it’s erect, not when it’s flaccid.

They grow from the age of 5 to 17, so there is a good span for penis’ growth.

The size of our penises does not have anything to do with reproduction. Let’s put it this way, by the 2013 the Asian population was 4.3 billion people. They might be small, but they are very fertile.

While studies and research may vary across reputable sources, the general consensus is that the average in human penis is 5.1”-5.9” inches in length when fully erect.

Some studies has suggested that women, when asked, prefer width more so than length. Remember that the G-spot lady is 3 inches into the vagina channel, so it makes sense.

HUGE fact and HUGE myth, the size of our penis does not have to do anything at all with how good in bed we are. So sex  - which is not necessarily just penetration - can be just as good if you are “small” or “big”

The list of myths and facts goes on and one and one, but let’s put all that bullshit aside and let’s have a more human consideration. I think that what is really more important is who we are as humans and persons. If we are big or small, that does not add any to our treasure as persons. If we are talking about sex or making love, why do we only have to rely on how fabulous are cocks are – small or big. How about using other parts of our bodies that can be a great source of pleasure like tongues and fingers?

When engaging in those intimate moments, why don’t we think more of how we make that person feel in that vulnerable moment very extra special? Very enjoyable sex is a function of intimacy, a connection between 2 people and the many other intangible elements that make sex really meaningful and more rewarding.

As sexual partners our goal should be more in relation to be caring, sharing, good listeners, good talkers and seeing our brains as being the most important sexual organ we should rely on. There is nothing more powerful to provide us with a very powerful erection than love, real love. That’s the best Viagra ever and it
will never fails to make your willie go up : )


he equivalent of having a big juice dick

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