Sunday, 7 September 2014

"When a wedding dress - Angelina Jolie's - sends a powerful message"

We don’t need to be a psychologist to know that the role a mother plays in their children is crucial, huge and supremely important. However, psychologists have outlined - as a result of their exhausting researches - that the crucial years in our lives are between 0 to 5 years old, strongly insisting that they’re our most powerful formative ones.

Whatever happens when we are children, it’s a big deal because they’re our first learnings, therefore those experiences we are exposed to will certainly shape our lives forever both emotionally and psychologically. A hug when you are scared or just to demonstrate you how much they love you, a kiss to make you feel good or to just simply say “Good night”. They’re simple yet compelling gestures that stay with us forever in a very profound way.

When it comes to a celebrity – like Angelina Jolie is – those moments can get lost in the way or even forgotten because you have such a busy schedule, and work can easily get you distracted and you don’t intentionally mean it, it just happens. It can happen to just “simple, normal” people. You know, between work and the crèche and trying to be a good mum and a good wife and be presentable for your man etc. It just happens. Mothers have too much on their plate. They are the reason why I will always respect and admire them. Just because of that.

Angelina Jolie, either you hate or love her, managed to grow and mature in such a great way that whatever she does, whatever she put her hands on, gets noticed, sends a good message and as a results of it indicates how much power her presence has, she has used that power to help others in so many ways: When she adopted her first son from Cambodia, she brought attention to that country – I bet you some people didn’t even know that country existed. When she decided to give birth in Namibia, she not only brought attention to the Maternity Hospital, but also it has been reported that the tourism in that country increased as a result of it. Her achievements as an Ambassador for the United Nations are outstanding.

 Then she decided to publicly announce she went for a double mastectomy to remove breast cancer cells that could potentially threat her health and as a result her life. So brave and inspiring, in her own words she said “I can tell my children that they will not lose me to breast cancer”

So, as a mother, she has her own worries and concerns, she said she did it for them and she set the message
to every single woman around the world to get tested just to make sure you’re OK.

Then it comes the wedding dress…the powerful message to her own children and even the world…This is why every mummy will relate to that.

As a child, stop there for a second and imagine, what would have gone through your head if your mum is getting married and her wedding dress is covered of the drawings you made when you were a child? My own answer is, IT IS SUPREMELY POWERFUL!

She has been regarded as one the most beautiful women in the world. Of course, not short of fame and fortune. I bet you she could’ve had the best choices in the world. I can only imagine all the big designers keeping their fingers crossed to be selected by her. For some reason she chose Versace, but under her own well-laid-down conditions: “My wedding dress must represent my family, my children and the love I treasure for them” POWERFULL.

For a woman in her position, it was not about the fashion at all, it was about – again – the message she could send out and in this case was her own children. A message that could be described as “You are so important to me that I am carrying your drawings on my wedding dress” or “Do not feel left out, you are so important that you are part of this” or “Mammy loves you so much, that even though I’m getting married, it’s all about you” or “No matter what colour you are or what position you have in the family, there’s no pecking order, your drawing is on my wedding dress” or “you are so important for me/us that you have to have an active participation on my wedding day “. For a child to witness and be part of something rather remarkable like that, something that your mammy decided to do for you - just for you- it is psychologically huge, powerful and very compelling.
Me, coming from a mother who was, in her own way, as emotionally powerful as you are, I totally get and understand what your true and loving intentions were. And I know many women and mothers will totally understand the loving core of your message.

Angie I love you…


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