Monday, 27 October 2014

Having Sex & Making Love - Part 2

 I carried out an informal research to write this blog. Basically, I spoke to some friends and acquaintances
and people in general. I spoke to a few people online and I even joined on-line chats in relation to the topic. The findings were interesting and once again, I have corroborated that human sexuality is like a big box of smarties…varying in colors.

I’m going to break down the samples by calling them “Team Pedro, the banger” and “Team Mario, the lover”

A good number of the girls belong to “Team Pedro” expressed that they certainly love a good banging, but they would like to have now-and-then a “Mario”.

Most of the girls belong to “Team Mario” expressed that they were happy with the love-making, and were not bothered with having a “Pedro”. Most of them declared that if “Mario” becomes “Pedro” once in a while, they’ll enjoy it, but it was not a big deal.

To the question, why? “Team Mario” felt loved, “Team Pedro” felt loved, but a bit “used”.

“Team Mario” expressed having an orgasm most of the time. “Team Pedro” expressed their orgasms were not all the time, with Pedro having a quite tendency of ejaculate a bit quick…sometimes.

HUGE FINDING: 69 is very important for both teams, so come on boy, you have get down there more often. It’s always great to have a succulent meal for two.

To the question what would be the perfect example of having sex? Both teams came with the same example “A one night stand”. You go there, get pounded, go home and not feelings involved at all.

Interesting enough, experts in the subject have a communal opinion to differentiate one act from the other and, even more interesting, people in general have too similar opinions. I’m going to amalgamate my findings from both sources and these are my conclusions.

Difference between having sex and making love:

It seems clear that when we’re making love we are in one of the most vulnerable state of being a person can be.  Some believe that making love is about putting into the act all our feelings and emotions in order to please our partner. The more we please them, the more we please ourselves.

They believe that having sex is a selfish act. Mainly physical and the emotions involved are very limited.
Some believe that even if we are in love, and we have a quickie in the morning just before going to work, that’s considered “only sex”. But in fairness, we all love having a quickie to set us up for the day. Balls empty and fannies satisfy.

Making love represents emotional rewarding. Having sex represents biological needs. When we make love, we ejaculate, when we have sex, we cum.

Some think that we can have sex with our beloved partner, but we cannot make love to a person we don’t love. Making love is pure bliss, pure ecstasy, we want to become one with the one we love.

Another interesting belief, Kama Sutra was written for love makers and not for sex bangers. In love-making, foreplay lasts longer. When having sex, men can’t wait to lob it in.

After making love, usually couple tell each other how amazing the experience was. After having sex, we just roll over and fall asleep.

In summary

It seems to be obvious that the making love experience is way too much gratifying from the emotional and psychological point of you. It seems to give us an emotional reward which is invaluable.

I personally think that it is important for us people to recognize what we like and want. It is important to have a clear definition within us to differentiate between the two experiences. Having this clear understanding will allow us to enjoy either or and even both.

So next time you’re going to have hanky panky, always remember to try to enjoy if Pedro bangs you senseless or if Mario tirelessly makes love to you.

So cheers to having sex and/or making love. Let's enjoy the process!



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