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The Fabulous Dylan Bradshaw Hair Salon...

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First of all, after reading this blog, I invite you to check Dylan's incredible, interactive, high fashion website and you will understand more what I was talking about.

 It has been described as the “Rolls Royce of the hairdressing industry” and I totally agree. It was very recently voted “The Best Salon” in Ireland by the Irish Times and again, I totally agree. It is a place that deserves those titles and more, because it really is not only a beautiful, classic and elegant place, but also a place where you go – women or men – and leave feeling great and looking amazing.

The db Salon Customer Service is of a very high standard. You know when people say “It’s all about you” and yes it is, when you go there for either  your hair, make-up or nails, you are in a place where you are very welcome, they make you feel extra special and you’re spoiled in every possible way, so yes… it’s all about you – The dear valued customer.

Dylan: The man behind the brand

The db salon was funded by Dylan himself when he was only 27. It is now located in the heart of the city centre, on the vibrant South William street. It’s a three story building impregnated with an elegant, relaxed and we could say – magical surroundings.

When you are in there, you get a feeling that you are in a place that it’s unique and exudes a particular, inviting personality. Let’s put it this way, the place is characterised by a charm that can be perceived as elusive, but – believe me – after a few minutes in there, that charm will hug you to the extent that you will feel you don’t want to leave and when you do, you get invaded by a genuine feeling of going back.

A lot has been written about the place and the man himself, Dylan Bradshaw. The place has been the subject matter of reviews – both off and on-line, for magazines, newspapers, TV programmes, brochures…etc. ..etc. etc.

 If you Google it, the information you will find is prolific and when you read, you will immediately get enchanted and hooked, to say the least.

There is one particular aspect I would like to outline about this whole “fabulousness”, which is Dylan’s two most remarkable women in his life: First of all his Mother, Linda and of course his wife, Charlotte. The two great women behind this extraordinary man.

When his Mother planted in his head the seed  of becoming a hairdresser, little did she knew back then – he was only 15 – that she was giving him one of the most paramount advices a mother could give to a son – both personal and professionally. Little she knew that that seed would have flourished in such a fruitful way as it did. In summary, he started from the very bottom, slowly but surely making his way up right to the top until create and sustain a name for him in a very competitive industry. Linda you are the one to be “blamed” for putting so many women in the position to be beautified by your son, and I’d like to have the courtesy to, in the name of those women, salute you and say Thank you so much!

Charlotte and Dylan

Charlotte: the woman behind the man and the brand

Then here it comes the wife, Charlotte, his business partner, but more importantly his partner in life and companion in love, and mother of those three beautiful children: Oscar, Ethan and Dexter, who beautifully complement their union and who already are showing  good signs of perpetuating the Bradshaw dynasty.  Charlotte how do you do it? Full-time mum, full-time worker and still looking amazing. I salute you too and I’d like to publicly express my admiration for you. You are someone I admire.

I would like to take this opportunity to also express my admiration and respect for the db team.  A team that is driven by excellence. A team that would do anything beyond their power to make customers feel they are in real nurturing hands, and providing a service which signature is passion. Guys you’re all amazing, your work is admirable. Every single one of you is special for different reasons. I sincerely salute you and from the bottom of my heart, I must say I already miss you all!

Last thing, I have embarked on a new horizon, trying to expand my career by embracing my ambitions. I am sad to say Good bye to my co-workers, clients and everyone I had the privilege to meet. I am sad to say goodbye  to the hairdressing industry, but that sadness will turn into happiness when, one day, I would look back to reflect on my working experience and to realise that  my last experience belong to the best Hair Salon in Ireland. I will look back and a sense of pride will suffuse my face and deep down in me I would proclaim “Wow I one day was part of the fabulous Dylan Bradshaw Hair Salon. What a privilege!”

With Love...

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