Monday, 17 November 2014

You know Christmas is just around the corner when...

I am one of the million of people who loves Christmas so much. If you love Christmas I am sure like me you're counting down the days and can't wait to hug the Christmas spirit.

The beautiful time is not far away now, you know Christmas is just around the corner when...

It's getting colder and you need to start wearing thick clothes. When it's only 4:30 in the afternoon and starts getting dark.

When you're at home with the fire on and the living room feels so cosy. 

When you're watching TV and those lovely Xmas ads come on the screen and you feel the magic. When you're in City Center and walk through Grafton Street and all the decorations are on display.

When you are already thinking of all your favorite Xmas movies.

When you try to book a table in a restaurant, and they're already booked out coming up to the festive season.

When you feel emotional for no reason, just for the only reason that Christmas makes your heart go softer and you feel you love your life even more.

When you feel there is sparks inside you that illuminates not only your face, but also your smile. When you inner child is jumping up and down from the excitement of having a Santa present.

You feel Christmas is just around the corner when you feel you are able to love everybody and feel everybody loves you.

If you can not wait for the most magical time of the year, neither can I...But I am very excited to see that Christmas is just around the corner.

With Christmas Love...


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