Sunday, 14 December 2014

Thank you..!

The joys of writing...

Marlife is approaching the 12 thousand views.

My LinkedIn, I have published 10 articles so far which have had received a great response.

My Christmas message was featured by a group called " What inspires Me" with over 300 thousand followers.

Victoria has a Secret and When a 6 pack is just not enough, both were featured by a group called "Marketing & Advertising" with over 4 million followers.

God Geldof & Ebola featured by a group called "Social Impact" with over 900 thousand folowers.

The psychological stress caused by typos was featured by a group called "Productivity" with over 100 thousand followers.

Are we over-posting? Says who and why? was featured by a group called "Leadership & Management" with over 9 million followers.

I am slowly building up a community on LinkedIn - over 200 followers so far.

And I have become Guest blogger for a Digital company called CASTLE33.

I am over the moon by the reaction my writing has received and I am already boiling few ideas for 2015...

For now I would like to say a HUGE THANK YOU for your unconditional support.


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