Monday, 19 January 2015

Irish Summer 2014...

It is freezing... The winter is here and it seems to stay for a while. It's very very cold, but the good thing about having such a cold weather is that we are wearing cosy clothes: The coats, the hats, the gloves, the scarves. Everybody on the streets are well wrapped-up

We all want to feel cosy, but also want to look well and presentable. There is something special about winter time. I particularly love it because I think it's not only cosy, but also nice and romantic.

You're very welcome Winter time...I believe this year you're gonna stay longer than previous years!

Another good thing about the winter is that it makes us be looking forward to the summer - which we will appreciate even more.

Irish summer has been known for being odd. In the summer, sometimes you can have the four seasons on the same day - which is funny, but true. But we have to say we had a good Irish summer last year. Weather was fantastic, longer evenings, bright, blue skies and no rain.

Throughout the summer, especially on Saturday evenings after work, I took some pictures which I posted on Facebook and some other of my social media channels. My intention was to have pictures as a colorful
proof of how beautiful, bright and gorgeous our 2014 Summer was.

My intention in the summer was to put together this blog in the winter to celebrate the summer.

Hat from Head's Up in the George Arcade

Some of my Irish Summer Look 2014 and other bits...

Hat from Head's Up, George Arcade
Hat from Head's Up, George Arcade

Friday, 9 January 2015

I now love Saturdays, too, hehehe

I know you all are already laughing at the title of this blog because, as you might have noticed by now on my social media platforms, I am always wishing you all a  “Happy Monday” “Happy mid-week” “Happy Friday” and now I am writing about why I love Satudays - in particular the afternoon. So, in fairness to me, let’s make it simple and declare it to you all...Yes, I love every day of the week hehehe.

As a happy-go-lucky person I am, I feel and think that every day of the week has its own charm. Every single day is special for a particular reason, and you don’t have to be a happy-go-lucky person like me at all to realise that. If you really pay attention to why certain days of the week are special to you, you will realise that even the tiniest things you do in those days may be irrelevant to others, but are important and significant to you, and that’s exactly what matters.

I would like to share with you why now I love Saturday afternoons

I worked in the hairdressing industry for nearly nine years, needless to say that Saturdays are the busiest days of the week in the industry. Don’t get me wrong, I loved Saturdays in work, busy, buzzy, great atmosphere. On Saturdays, I used to see the faces of some clients I hadn't seen during the week and that was like a bonus, because, yes, when you get to know those faces, like I did, you appreciate them in a genuine way. They are clients who you build up a good relationship with.

Also, sometimes, on some of those Saturdays after work, I would go for a drink with co-workers or friends or acquaintances, and yes, I had a good time and appreciated every single moment spent with them in those Saturdays after work. And to be honest, I sometimes miss working on Saturdays, because I do miss those special faces I used to see that day.

Having said that…

My Saturdays now are another story. Working Monday to Friday have made me value the importance of being off-work on a Saturday. Some of the reasons are: I am tired of working throughout the week and when Friday lands, I know the next day I might have a lie-in. I have also tried to dedicate some time to my writing over the weekend, of course Marlife which is still doing well and now writing for LinkedIn which is going crazy, keeping me mentally busy and excited.

Then you know, doing the usual domestic stuff, cleaning the house, doing some washing and ironing, all those things which I consider can sometimes be therapeutic.

But my SUPER extra bonus is when Saturday afternoon arrives and John comes back home from doing his duties, and I know I will spend the rest of the day and the weekend with the man of life. That is Priceless, and the main reason why I now love Satudays, too!