Monday, 19 January 2015

Irish Summer 2014...

It is freezing... The winter is here and it seems to stay for a while. It's very very cold, but the good thing about having such a cold weather is that we are wearing cosy clothes: The coats, the hats, the gloves, the scarves. Everybody on the streets are well wrapped-up

We all want to feel cosy, but also want to look well and presentable. There is something special about winter time. I particularly love it because I think it's not only cosy, but also nice and romantic.

You're very welcome Winter time...I believe this year you're gonna stay longer than previous years!

Another good thing about the winter is that it makes us be looking forward to the summer - which we will appreciate even more.

Irish summer has been known for being odd. In the summer, sometimes you can have the four seasons on the same day - which is funny, but true. But we have to say we had a good Irish summer last year. Weather was fantastic, longer evenings, bright, blue skies and no rain.

Throughout the summer, especially on Saturday evenings after work, I took some pictures which I posted on Facebook and some other of my social media channels. My intention was to have pictures as a colorful
proof of how beautiful, bright and gorgeous our 2014 Summer was.

My intention in the summer was to put together this blog in the winter to celebrate the summer.

Hat from Head's Up in the George Arcade

Some of my Irish Summer Look 2014 and other bits...

Hat from Head's Up, George Arcade
Hat from Head's Up, George Arcade

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