Saturday, 21 February 2015

Yes...We do love porn!

Watching porn is one of those secret activities we seem to enjoy the most, whether we admit it or not.  It is a delicious guilty pleasure, and being a “secret activity” makes it even more appealing, like the forbidden fruit.

By nature, we human beings are vulnerable when exposed to visual stimulation, and porn is about visual gratification to cater to the voracious appetite for stimulation of our senses.  Yes, that’s one of the many reasons why we get really horny when we see a man or a woman naked in our screens, performing sexual acts that go beyond our imaginations. 

 Yes, we go crazy when we hear those “actors” moaning from pleasure, asking for more until the bliss is so high that we just long to become part of the picture and come together as a celebration of blissfulness.

Have you ever watched a really good porn that is so good that you start stimulating yourself (wanking for men, fingering for girls), but the activity -while watching- is so pleasurable that you just keep postponing the ejaculation because you’re having so much fun? Or have you ever watched a good porn that has a particular few seconds of full ecstasy and when it’s over you keep rewinding it? Or have you ever watched a very hot porn scene that taught you a new sex technique you put into practice with your partner or lover? Or more so, have you ever watched that porn movie that helped you to discover and explore that particular corner of your body you didn’t know it was such a source of sexual pleasure? If you have been in one of or all of the above porn-viewing situations, good for you, because so have I. It’s very porn rewarding.

The interesting thing about this topic is that in some societies, porn can be perceived as “dirty”, “pervert”, “desensitising” and “morally not allowed” which I personally think it’s pure bullshit. I totally respect the views and values of those people, however, I think if you are horny, you are horny, regardless your education, cultural background and beliefs. When our cocks get hard, or when vaginas get tingly and wet, there’s not pragmatic reality to stop such condition, because we are just horny.

I would like to clarify that I am talking about consensual, adult porn not clandestine videos filmed without the consent of the people involved.

My point is, as I implied earlier, nobody should be ashamed to watch porn, because it is fun, it is pleasurable and it helps us to broaden our minds in relation to our biological, sexual  and even psychological needs.

Some of the benefits…Let’s have a look at the bigger naked picture

Watching porn is very low risk because it is physically impossible to catch an STD or become pregnant.

It is easily accessed, meaning that if you are single, or even in a relationship, but partner is not “in the mood” for whatever reason, but you are, you can still use it and pleasure yourself, finding instant gratification.

Porn allows you to become more comfortable with yourself and with your own sexuality on your own terms. This is something I personally called Sexploration.

It is easily accessible and why not, let’s say it, it is cheap. If you Google “porn”, OMG, you’re going to have so much fun and for free.
So next time when you’re about to watch a porn movie, do not allow prejudices or any other stupid reasons
to prevent you from having a good time on your own. Enjoy yourself, life is too short, we live once so come on,  have a great time,  and yes, enjoy the whole the viewing process until you are breathless and eventually cum.


Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Ginger men have it tough and it's not fair

They are called different nicknames; ginger minger, ginger balls, duracell, but my favourite one is “fanta pants”. I guess when you come from a country like Venezuela where red-haired people are none-existent, you appreciate this unique specimen. You find them - or at least I do - interesting, sexy and exotic.

The ironic fact is that only two percent of the world-wide population has red-hair and freckles. I think if you belong to a such small group, for god sake, you are special, unique and Yes!!!Exotic. However, unfortunately, that’s not the way this “privileged” group are perceived in England or Ireland. In these two countries they are simply called “gingers”. And if you are a red-head man, it gets worse, you are a “ginger-minger”. It’s not fair!

While doing my research for this blog, I encountered interesting information in relation to why red-headed people are stereotyped. Some believe Hollywood has to do a lot with undermining the ginger community since ginger characters on TV and movies are portrayed as weak, unintelligent, geeky, unsexy and funny, but borderline stupid. There are very few ginger actors. Even in the porn industry being a ginger man is a NO NO NO.  Fanta pubes are not welcome in that industry.

Another interesting social factor is that the problem is not being ginger, but being a ginger man. Red-hair girls are considered sexy, fashionable and are regarded as fiery in bed, yes because their “fire crotch”. Now I clearly understand even more why some girls back home dye their hair as close to ginger as possible.

When we live in a society that stereotypes us for the color of our skins and/or hair, we must try to rely on what we consider makes us unique from within.

This is exactly what photographer Thomas Knights tried to capture in his amazing project "Red Hot" which has been acclaimed all over the world for its very interesting approach to the taboo of being a ginger man.

I also encountered this very interesting documentary called “F*** Off, I’m a Ginger” where its author, Dan Wright, a ginger himself, openly explains his difficulties growing up and still faces for the simple reason of having red-hair.

I am an admirer of ginger people in general, and more so of ginger men. Yes, I do find them attractive and sexy and this article is a celebration to all ginger men out there.


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