Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Daddi's reasons why I'll stick to Daddi on Pride

OMG This is all so super exciting...

Gay Pride is just around the corner. A few more sleeps and the streets & sky of Dublin city centre will be
covered with rainbows, men and a great spirit to be gay and more than proud, because now, due to the success of the referendum, we can legally marry our other half WooooHoooo.

For the last three weeks or so, I have been receiving invitations to go to this party and the other; this gay night and the other, but after some consideration I have decided I will go to Daddi, the place to be this Gay Daddi Pride.

Why Daddi?

Because it will be held, as usual, in the Turk's Head which is right in the heart of Dublin City Centre where all the hot action will be happening.

Daddi is a very hot night and for Gay Pride they have made extra efforts to offer the best of best:

They have a show-stopper float gathering at 12pm at the Gardens of Remembrance where the parade will kick off from - which can rise a 50feet the air and will be full of hot men.

Daddi will have two outside bars where you can get a drink to keep fresh & set you for what will lay ahead.

Daddi will have 5 DJ's. Two international and three Irish, one of them (DJ Dave Mladi)  making his debut at Daddi which will make the afternoon-night even more epic.

Daddi will have hot, sexy GoGo's dancers & also an underwear party.

And more, many more that can't be mentioned, but only experienced.

So these are all the Daddi reasons why Daddi is the best place to be this Gay Pride.

If you need more information, you can download Daddi's app for free and/or visit Daddi's Facebook page.

Women are also very welcome to this Gay Pride edition.

Be Gay, Be Proud, Be Daddi



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