Sunday, 26 July 2015

15th July - 4th Wedding Anniversary

A day like today, 11 years ago, I met the man of my life (in The George - My George Clooney) Then on 15th July, 4 years ago, I married him and against all odds, thankfully, we're still together.
He knows I adore him, I know he adores me even more. It's been a great ride (sure it has), with ups and downs, but If I had to go back to the same place to meet him again, I'd do it no problem because he is my husband, lover, partner in crime and more importantly, my best friend until he dares to wear one of my colorful handbags without my permission.
Happy Anniversary husband. Cheers to the years to come until we get older and holding hands go back to The George to re-enact our very first encounter. Roll on Saturday to celebrate.


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