Sunday, 5 July 2015

My Mum...

The 6th July was the day my life changed forever. It was the day my mother died. I was only eleven & she was the light of my life.

 I still vividly remember when I heard she just passed away, and I started jumping up and down, crying inconsolable. It felt like - literally - a sword was stabbed right in the middle of my heart. This happened ten days away from my 12th bday. Very sad. 

She's gone, but always in my heart. She equipped very well with what she has the most: Love. I was the centre of her life & she always made me feel fantastic.

Her best legacy: She loved me in such a profound way that she is the reason why I feel wonderful, the reason why I am so happy, the reason why my dignity and self respect are bigger than me. The reason why I always try to have a smile on my face even when life is not so kind. Her memory lives eternally in me, and I always think of her this way...

One day I had a Mother and she was fantastic. RIP Mum, you were the best.


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