Friday, 25 September 2015

Had A Great Greek Time in Giovanda Villa

We spent a week in Greece as part of our summer holidays & Yes! It was way too short and more so considering the company we were with and the place we were staying in.

We went to Chania, an area in Crete which we have never been before. If you have been to Greece, and to Crete in particular, you know it is a beautiful place where you would like to stay forever. You feel blessed by the sunny weather - yes, it gets really hot, but that's OK as it is the perfect excuse to either go to the beach or jump into the pool. And wear as little clothes as possible. Perfect weather!

We stayed in an amazing place called Giovanda Villa - believe me when I say "Amazing" is because is "AMAZING". We couldn't believe we were staying in such place, because we thought it was over-portrait online, but this is one of those unbelievable exceptions of what you see if what you get.

                           The Villa was hired by my brother-in-law, Mark Compton, through


The view to the green surrounding is magnificent. The sound of the nature was - and will be for you - a way to relax and to be enjoying the smell of flowers and the orange grove spread in the air. It is very quiet, exactly what you need. It is like a piece of heaven on earth. Total bliss.

I will tell you no more. I just invite you to look at the pictures and also follow the link I have inserted for you to see for yourself how beautiful the place is.

I would highly recommend to stay in Giovanda Villa. You will embraced by the sea, sun, beach and facilities the Villa has to offer: Private pool, large gardens, a BBQ area. You will even be able to see the grapes growing on top of the garage roof. The place is just lovely.

I would like to say I huge thank you to George and Anne for their warm and lively hospitality. They made us feel welcomed and that's a great to go back. Thank you so much guys! I will go back!



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  1. Great Villa Marlon, what about the surrounding area did you take any pictures. That's Crete in Greece right?