Monday, 7 September 2015

Some Benefits Of Morning Sex

Life is busy. We seem to have less and less time to complete all the tasks in our busy schedules. 
Either if you are a professional with a full-time office job or a full-time mummy with a very hectic domestic schedule, our hassle and hurried world gets in the way to do anything else, including ehhhhh sex.

We all love sex, don't we? We all love enjoying those throbbing stimulations that make our hearts beat, breath fast and moan from all the sexual enjoyment which sometimes goes beyond our control.

So don't let your busy life get in the way to experience those sensations. It is true that at the end of the day we are very tired & we just want our  bed to sleep not to be banged - which is understandable.

However, think of this, sex or love making doesn't have to be restricted to only the night time - or any time at all for that matter - so let's think and talk about morning sex and let's see some of its benefits.

Get dirty before getting clean

When we get creative, we want to have sex around the house from the kitchen to the couch, on the dining table, in the computer room. Well there's nothing wrong with having sex in the shower and you will be doing both getting dirty just before getting clean. Furthermore, you will be saving water by showering together.

What a great feeling, to feel you are so wanted and desired by your partner so early in the morning.

If you haven't experienced it, and for all of you who has - you know what I'm talking about, it is extremely satisfying to start the day after having an orgasm which will set you up for the day. It is great to get to work having a smile in your face because before leaving the house you had a nice ejaculation. People might not understand why you are very happy to be in work. A study reveal that having a morning orgasm can make our day productive, because we feel upbeat and more energetic.

If you are a self-conscious person who worries about morning breath, you can try different positions which don't necessarily involve face to face. In such scenario, doggy  is a good one. You will not only be getting creative, putting monotony aside, but also doggy is a position that gets our G-spot directly stimulated which in turn will make us come quickly - after all we need to go to work, so coming quickly in those cases will never be an "issue".

Spooning is another position that could work perfectly. As you can see, we could be getting even more

You can also try being on top - a lot of women love this one - you will be avoiding the face-to-face bad breath situation and it will make you be in total control. Again this a great position to be in since we can get our G-spot totally angry.

A study  actually suggested that morning sex keeps us healthy, since while doing it, our system release some levels of IgA - which is an antibody that protects against some infections.

You realise you are a true planner. Sometimes we set-up our alarm clock half an hour beforehand than usual for whatever reason. So sex is more than a good reason to wake up half an hour earlier.

For you men who are way too conscious about morning breath, this is the best opportunity to get into your partner's breasts and worship them passionately, or more so, go down below her waist and play with that sensitive area until you make her reach her climax. She will greatly appreciate your tongue and also your achievement.

Men usually wake up with a morning glory. This means partners should be use it to their advantage. So don't waste it, use it.

 For the guys who love good head - and the giver can get some protein to start the day.

As you can see, there is always a solution to try to spice things up. Sex is very important. Sex is part of who we are and morning sex has great psychological and emotional benefits.

So next time why don't you try to get your partner to sort you out before breakfast and set you up for the day.


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