Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Who's Adele's Boyfriend In Her Hello Video

I'm pretty sure you are happy, like I am, to see Adele back. After a five years break, Her highness is back and  has come back to remind us why she is the one the most successful singer song-writers in the music industry today.

Pharrell Williams, who worked on her  album, described her as a masterful writer - which is a huge compliment coming from such a great music producer like him. The whole music industry has just began to be re-defined, once again, by Adele and her album "25", out on November 20th, is already breaking records.

The video for her single video "Hello" has been viewed over 70 million times in just three days. She has already beats Taylor Swift's record for the most-viewed video in 24 hours.

I know we couldn't expect less.

Now, after watching the music video. I think I have watched it like ten times, one of first questions that came to my mind was "Who's he?", the guy who plays her boyfriend in the video. Who is that guy with such a nice, white smile who has sent the internet into a meltdown?

Here is the answer

His name is: Tristan Wilds, he is 25 and his also a singer and his stage name is Mack Wildes. He appeared on the TV program 90210 as Dixson Wilson

He is also famous for the TV program The Wire

To know more about him, you can follow him on Instagram and/or Twitter

I am already a fan of his. I can't wait wait to listen to Adele's full album. I hope you feel the same.


Sunday, 25 October 2015

Some Outrageous Halloween Costumes

For Halloween, some people seem to be bored to be dressing up as the usual Dracula, Zombies, Witches and bla bla bla. In the pursue to try to be innovative, this year's costumes are a bit tasteless which is I interesting as innovation is always good.

This year it seems that defecation, feces, toilets and flatulence are the best options in the costume market, and some are already loving it. They are practical and creative.

Below I will show a few of them and their respective websites you can get them from.

Toilet Adult Mask

Doo Doo Head

Middle Finger Costume

Snake Charmer
Pussy Magnet
Inflatable Gorilla 

Adult Naked Hillbilly Morphsuit
Butt Blaster Flame Shooter


Falling Head Illusion

No Possible Innuendo Hardwear 
Teenie Weenies Pole Dancer Costume
Ramen Noodles Costume

Whatever you are dressing up as for this, I wish you a



Saturday, 17 October 2015

43rd Birthday & Wedding Anniversary Pics

 July has always been a very significant month for me for so many reasons, and this year was not an exception. In July, I celebrate my Birthday and Wedding anniversary and always have a great time. The pictures below show the amazing time I/we had in our back garden. 

      It truly was a day to remember and I am glad to see those moments were captured so perfectly well...

Gay Birthday Boy

Mother in-low trying to cope with a gay kiss
Sister in-law & her hubby Johan

Love was in the air

The Fantastic Four

The lesbian couple: Amanda & Siobhan

John & Denise

The In-laws & Moesy Moesy

David & Dorotha

What Can I say? Leo & Marky Marky such a lovely couple

Thom & Kathleen

Monika & Goran - The Croatian Blood

The Party Girl
Even Sammy partied the afternoon away

Mother in-law & Paula - having the craic

Mummy's boy

She couldn't wait to have a piece of cake

It was a wonderful wonderful celebration. Thank you so much for making our day ultra especial


Thursday, 15 October 2015

Some Of The Adorable Things A Man's Penis Can Do

I was recently having a serious conversation with a friend about how proud we men are about our penises. That good friend we have between our legs which can do magical things. We also spoke how frustrating must be for all those who nature didn't bless them properly down there and has small ones cough cough. The poor things! But we never spoke about how adorable a penis can be if we use it to make adorable things (apart from babies) hehehe

Needless to say that when I saw this man's work I felt proud and went in my head "My penis is awesome because of all the adorable things it can do"

I found this post in The Huffington Post - which is a great publication I usually use as a source for some of my writings. In their section HUFFPOST WEIRD NEWS they published a work's photographer called "Things My Dick Does" Tumblr and I think his work is clever and hilarious.

                                                 So this is a penis Halloween Theme 

After seeing this, I hope you are happy to realise that penises are awesome and they can do more than making babies and catching STDS'S ; )


Sunday, 4 October 2015

When Sexting Goes Wrong

I remember one time John and I were sexting. We were having a sexchat & I couldn't wait for him to get home so that we could we put all those hot sexts into action. The problem was that I sent the text/pic I was not supposed to. My pic, of course, was a passion killer : (

As funny as it was and still is, I thought  this is something that must have happened to many people so I went online, did some research and this is what I gathered.

Sexting is a good way to spice things up, get creative to get some action until...Ooops

                                                      She thought her vagina was a...   


                                               When she thought she was being funny

                                               If you wanna get laid, fuck the grammar

She might be your mother, but her fanny gets hungry too

The Stevie Wonder

You don't need to go down under to get French-kissed

                          And tomorrow she'd be still waiting for the good fuck she could've had today

What's the story with her grammar obsession?
When you have a  Neci Dcik in your Vigana all yuo watn is CUMIMG

                                                     And yes my arse was burning