Sunday, 25 October 2015

Some Outrageous Halloween Costumes

For Halloween, some people seem to be bored to be dressing up as the usual Dracula, Zombies, Witches and bla bla bla. In the pursue to try to be innovative, this year's costumes are a bit tasteless which is I interesting as innovation is always good.

This year it seems that defecation, feces, toilets and flatulence are the best options in the costume market, and some are already loving it. They are practical and creative.

Below I will show a few of them and their respective websites you can get them from.

Toilet Adult Mask

Doo Doo Head

Middle Finger Costume

Snake Charmer
Pussy Magnet
Inflatable Gorilla 

Adult Naked Hillbilly Morphsuit
Butt Blaster Flame Shooter


Falling Head Illusion

No Possible Innuendo Hardwear 
Teenie Weenies Pole Dancer Costume
Ramen Noodles Costume

Whatever you are dressing up as for this, I wish you a




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