Sunday, 4 October 2015

When Sexting Goes Wrong

I remember one time John and I were sexting. We were having a sexchat & I couldn't wait for him to get home so that we could we put all those hot sexts into action. The problem was that I sent the text/pic I was not supposed to. My pic, of course, was a passion killer : (

As funny as it was and still is, I thought  this is something that must have happened to many people so I went online, did some research and this is what I gathered.

Sexting is a good way to spice things up, get creative to get some action until...Ooops

                                                      She thought her vagina was a...   


                                               When she thought she was being funny

                                               If you wanna get laid, fuck the grammar

She might be your mother, but her fanny gets hungry too

The Stevie Wonder

You don't need to go down under to get French-kissed

                          And tomorrow she'd be still waiting for the good fuck she could've had today

What's the story with her grammar obsession?
When you have a  Neci Dcik in your Vigana all yuo watn is CUMIMG

                                                     And yes my arse was burning

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