Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Who's Adele's Boyfriend In Her Hello Video

I'm pretty sure you are happy, like I am, to see Adele back. After a five years break, Her highness is back and  has come back to remind us why she is the one the most successful singer song-writers in the music industry today.

Pharrell Williams, who worked on her  album, described her as a masterful writer - which is a huge compliment coming from such a great music producer like him. The whole music industry has just began to be re-defined, once again, by Adele and her album "25", out on November 20th, is already breaking records.

The video for her single video "Hello" has been viewed over 70 million times in just three days. She has already beats Taylor Swift's record for the most-viewed video in 24 hours.

I know we couldn't expect less.

Now, after watching the music video. I think I have watched it like ten times, one of first questions that came to my mind was "Who's he?", the guy who plays her boyfriend in the video. Who is that guy with such a nice, white smile who has sent the internet into a meltdown?

Here is the answer

His name is: Tristan Wilds, he is 25 and his also a singer and his stage name is Mack Wildes. He appeared on the TV program 90210 as Dixson Wilson

He is also famous for the TV program The Wire

To know more about him, you can follow him on Instagram and/or Twitter

I am already a fan of his. I can't wait wait to listen to Adele's full album. I hope you feel the same.


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