Sunday, 22 November 2015

You Can't Hurry Love, You'll Just Have To Wait...

A while ago, I was having two separate chats with two different people about life and love and having a laugh about life in general.

When the conversation turned into “relationship status”, both persons jokingly brought up the fact of hating very much to tick the “Single” box when filling in some documents. Even one of them made it funnier by telling “I actually  skip that section and it’s the last one I’d fill in”. I asked “Why?”. She goes “Because I have to officially declare I’m single, like as if I don’t know already”. I laughed because I thought it was a funny comment.

Oh my god, but then she goes “Marlon seriously, I’ve been single forever, and in the last year one of my friends got divorced after being married for ten years and two others split up with their boyfriends” I kept smiling,but things were taking a different direction when she proceeded to say “I’m like what the fuck? one is getting divorce two splitting up and I can’t even get a proper match-up profile on Tinder”

After the last comment, I realised the topic for her was more serious than I thought, and yes, in my head I had plenty to say to try to see the “advantages of being single”, but it was one of those situations I have been in that no matter what I would’ve said, I would’ve got the backfire statement of “It’s easy for you to say that because you’re married” or “You say that because you have John” - which is fair enough.

However, I must confess that before meeting John, I was single for a LOOOOOOOONG time. So I do understand some people wanting to meet “the one”, because when John came to my life, I was ready and longing to be in a relationship, but in the meantime, I had an amazing time being single ; )

If you are single, don’t despair, it won’t last forever

Let’s have a look at the some of the advantages of the sometimes “hated status - single”

In an article called “9 Reasons To Love Being Single”, published in Forbes magazine, they spoke about how “being single can be an important stage in life that comes with many benefits”.

And these are some of them…

Single people are generally more social than married people: Because you’re more likely to spend more time with friends, neighbors, you go out more and engage in more social activities. This is very true. It happens to me. When I finish work on a Friday, I just want to go home, whereas some of my colleagues would go out to do something more “entertaining”.

Single people are great for the economy: Because they go out more, have more dates, go on holidays more, their contribution to the economy is enormous.

People want to be around single people: Even though  we can’t generalise, a study suggest that when married couple go out, they prefer to do it with singles, because singles conversations are more about having fun, being trivial and more creative. Sociologist Eric Klinenberg, speaks in more detail about this topic in his book “Going Solo”.

Singles have more sexual partners: They may have less sex than married people, on average, but they do have more sexual partners - which I think it’s great. Sexual exploration is always fun.

Singles invest more in themselves & their careers: They tend to study more. This is one of the reasons why some prefer to stay single while investing in their academic aspirations.

Singles get much needed alone time: These periods of solitude are meant to be beneficial to think about yourself and could help you be more ready to engage when trying to re-enter the busy world.

Singles are, literally, changing the world: It is believed that 32 million Americans are living alone. And the numbers are higher in Europe & Japan. Author Klinenberg says that “It’s one of the world’s biggest social changes in the last 50 years”. This change has had a huge impact on society in some many respects.

As we can see, single people are a big deal. There are many perks about being single.

Remember one thing, there is certain things that don’t last forever and one of them is being single. Enjoy your status. Try to make it a fantastic stage in your life. Don’t be desperate because desperation will lead you nowhere. Maybe you are not ready to meet “the one” & always try to remember... You Can’t Hurry Love, You’ll Just Have To Wait.

So in the meantime...Have a great time!


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