Sunday, 21 February 2016

Reasons Some Gay Men Like Fem Guys

When trying to hook up on gay sites, I am sure most of you has come across with some guys making it plain clear they are not into "fem guys", or preferences like "masculine only" - which is fair enough since we have to find what and who we're into.

I recently was having a conversation about the topic with a guy I know, and to my surprise he honestly confess he was only into fem guys. I found his confession fascinating and out of curiosity I asked Why? What is it about them you like? He answer was "because most of them are delicate in bed, usually are very slim which I like and in my experience, they are good at giving head" He is very much into blow jobs, by the way.

That chat gave me the idea to write this blog, so I went to the internet and I found this an interesting post on called "11 Excellent Reasons To Date a Fem Guy"

Have a look and see what you think...

I hope you enjoyed this blog. Thank you very much for reading.



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  3. On the off chance that it alludes to the possibility that every single gay man are unbridled and can't be a piece of a monogamous relationship, it is bogus spun fun