Sunday, 13 March 2016

Love Is In The Air...Until He Farts!

Civil Partnership - July 15th, 2011

We met in the George and he was already drunk
He wanted a ride, I wanted to stride

That night I should've gone to his house,
 because in the end I ended up in the boilerhouse

He is beautiful and he looks like a movie star,
that's the only reason I put up with his smelly farts

He is witty, intelligent and funny man,
 but honesty is the best quality he has as a gay man

I know he adores me, even though, sometimes I drive him crazy
but when it comes to a blow job I'm never lazy

He knows I adore him, even though, he has called me Hitler
especially when after spending half an hour in the shitter

 He thinks I am like a black dictator  because I make him behave
But I'm the one who's been twelve years slave

We have done so many crazy things together,
sadly including deleting Grindr forever

We have a house, a dog and some fish,
 but we also have a huge dildo for some fetish.

We are getting older together and hitched for the second time
And it feels like sniffing poppers before it was a crime

I am very protective of him, in my heart he is like the perfect magazine
I love my baby, because he will always be the man of my dream

We are holding hands together to have a future bright
And I can't wait to see how it is going to look like

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  1. I love your poems. You write them from your heart and express what you feel and think. X