Sunday, 24 April 2016

Gays With Kids

I am an Instagram nutter. I think it's a great platform to publish our photos and short videos. I love it.
You can find all sort of pages, whatever you might be into, you will find a page for it on Instagram.

I recently found a page called @gays_with_kids and I fell in love with it. The pictures are, of course, cute, but also the stories behind every family are very interesting.

The page has over 15 thousand followers and nearly 800 pictures from gay parents around the word. I would like to share some of the pictures with you.

Aren't they just adorable?


Sunday, 17 April 2016

A Month Later...

  Time flies...a month already

John Norton, John, Alli McDonnell, Me and Amanda O'Sullivan

As you all know by now, as our life is displayed on Facebook, John and I decided to bring our Civil Partnership to the next level - Marriage.
We got married on March 18th, in the register office in Grand Canal.
Our witnesses were our fiends Amanda O'Sullivan and John Norton and we had a especial guest, Alli McDonnell.

We had a lunch and a party in Fade Street Social, a nice place who provided a great service. We had some family members, friends, some acquaintances, work colleagues. The atmosphere was very LOVELY. We were happy with the turn out who made the effort to join us to mark our super especial day.

                                                   We would like to say a BIG GAY...

Thank you so much guys for making our especial day even more especial  with your presence!

About to continue the journey of happiness

We recorded the ceremony in the Register Office and shared a funny video, too which you can watch on the links below

 Pictures taken by press photographer Mark Doyle


Poem - Greek Goddess

Greek Goddess
I gladly have to say thank you Kat
For being the reason of my new-found passion
Since the day you wrote a poem for Luli
I'm writing poems myself in a great fashion

You certainly planted in me the seed of inspiration 
Good to express my nice feelings with no limitation
To show my delight and honest gratitude 
I'm going to find the prefect words to best describe you

I shall begin by confessing something true and light
As a person your best asset is your cheeky and big smile
You are warm, sincere and honest too and
It's hard to find someone like you

You are tall, slim and also athletic
which is great and so poetic
So if I was you I wouldn't be modest
you truly look like a Greek goddess

We know you love the color purple
your next Christmas present will be a turtle

It is your favorite color because it's shinny
to get you in the mood for proper dancing

I saw a video where you were dancing
You were so happy and just smiling
Wearing a green dress it wasn't purple
it didn't stop your only purpose

I saw happiness shinning across your face 
While you were dancing at the Kebab place
Moving your hips like a Shakira
Showing everybody you're from this era

The place was packed, busy, it wasn't quiet
To dance like you we need a diet

Next time I'll go with you and we'll dance salsa
your hips won't stop in such bonanza

I believe Nicko your brother is your pal too
I love Nicko, he is really nice and very cool
You love your brother and he loves you too and 
he's a reason to tell the truth

I know you love this poem which is like magnet
and will stop you to increase the target
Writing this poem was so much fun
I should of put it on my game plan

But i was busy with Instagram
telling everybody "I hope you're fine"

I will give you an egg next Easter 
for you to share it with your two sisters

Who are

Luli and Zöe
needles to say they are a joy

You and Zoe are like twins
wearing yellow and also pink
yellow is a color not for tennis
but is the one you find in Penny's

Luli's love for you will never vanish
but she has not time to teach you Spanish
She loves pears and also mango
she has no time to teach you tango

Next time if she tells you you are a "guerrera"
she is only being a chamuchera

I'm getting emotional because I'm gay
I love the people in my working day

And Kathryn you are an inspiration
that commands the leads who are a fine collection

We are not tall and look like a tower
because you are the only one who is our flower

Still we can try to reach both of your elbow
and walk together over the rainbow

The rainbow is green, yellow and may be blue
but we have purple and that is YOU

Kat thank you thank you thank you again
Now for me poems are like a rain


Sunday, 10 April 2016

Poem: Indonesian Pearl

Zevanya Tesalonika Kusumaningtyas

#poem Indonesian Pearl

She is from Indonesia, a country of good food
And I think that's the reason why
when you look into her lovely eyes
she put you in a great mood

Indonesia is a country with a lot of natural resources
it has rice, tea, coffee, spices and many more
but its main exportation is this girl who doesn't live there anymore

Now she lives in Dublin and is one of my workmates
And she has quickly become my friend which I think it's great

She is small, brown and sweet like a candy
that is a good reason to say her true friendship is very handy

She has a beautiful and exotic round face
and her gorgeous smile can take you to a magical place

Recently she touched my heart with a nice gesture
She gave me a hat as a present which I already consider it a treasure

The hat is exotic and has bright colors
it is brown and  has yellow spots
what she did not know is that
I consider yellow the color of love

I know you are wondering what her name is
well I can tell you her name is Zevanya
and I think is a beautiful name that sounds like art
but it is because she posses a formidable heart

Zevanya Zevanya I want to tell a secret to you
I love going to work because I know I will see you
You are a beautiful person and an adorable girl
You really really are like an Indonesian pearl


My Mother Gave Me Bucket Of Love

I would like to confess that two years ago I went to see a Therapist due to my poor dealings with the
fact that one day we have to die.

Not to go into too many details for now, because this is something I would like to talk about in a future blog. He told me I was suffering from "Health Anxiety". He stated that it is a condition where the individual experiences a preoccupation with the idea or the thought that they are currently (or will be) experiencing a physical illness and ultimately die.

Because I love psychology, I was amazed to hear such condition exists, and more so when he explained the reasons why my view towards death is the way it is.

He explained that when an individual grows up seeing people in their family being ill all the time, or when one of their parents suddenly dies, in particular the mother - which is my case - we develop that health anxiety. So in order to help me more, he asked me to tell him about my childhood, my relationship with my mother and how she affected my self-esteem.

And I told him about the way she loved me and the way she always managed to me feel I was for her the most amazing child in the whole world.

I remember confessing to him that I do not rely on external emotional reward. I said that if somebody does not like me, I was OK with that and if somebody loves me I was OK with that, too. He asked "Why?" and my answer was "Because I am well-equipped to love myself "

He proceeded to give me this explanation - which is the core of this blog's  message.

He said...

"Marlon Your Mother Gave You A Bucket Of Love"

 She gave you that bucket which she kept filling up with the water of love. She knew that bucket needed to be filled-up over and over again, and she made sure the bucket was never empty.

He then said, yes you are able to love yourself and be emotionally self-sufficient - which is fine - however, the reason why you do need and enjoy external recognition and admiration is because that external love brings you back to your own childhood experience when your mother kept filling up the bucket she once gave you.

I burst into tears when he finally said, literally...

"You were  your mother's flower and she kept watering you"

In that therapy session, I cried as I have never cried before, remembering my mother's love.

I thought and still think, the metaphor he used to explain somebody's mother's love is the best explanation I have ever heard.

So I would like to reaffirm this: My Mother's love is the reason why I am the way I am, and I will never ever apologize for who I am and the way I express myself because one day, when she was alive, My Mother Gave Me A Bucket Of Love.


Thursday, 7 April 2016

Her Name Is Fernanda

Fernanda A. Urzua

She is from Mexico and Her name is Fernanda
and she is someone with I would love to go to a “parranda”
For those who don’t know what “parranda” is in Spanish
in English means to have or to go to a big, great party
She comes from the land of the big macho
That could mean a man from over there can give you a nice spicy big taco
Her country has beautiful beaches and a nice place called Cancun
But when you look at her you think she actually comes from the moon
She hasn’t realised how cute and beautiful she is
But I’m sure she’s already been told so by her hot man who is from Germany
She has a beautiful and brown silky skin
She looks like those chocolates you eat on Christmas eve
Her teeth are white like cotton
And they look like a flower which is about to blossom
She also has a lovely and friendly smile
And a beautiful spirit that seems to fly to the sky
When I get to work I know I can count on that smile
And that is something which will never has a price
She recently went to visit Mexico, her homeland
And she came back with more smiles in one of her hands
I have a feeling she miss her family, friends and home
That’s the reason why I dedicating her this sincerely poem
Fernanda Fernanda thank you for having such an amicable face
Your smile is like the sunshine that ornaments my own brown face
I am glad I met you in the building of ‪#‎Facebook‬
Because one day you will be part of the stories of my friendship’s book