Thursday, 7 April 2016

Her Name Is Fernanda

Fernanda A. Urzua

She is from Mexico and Her name is Fernanda
and she is someone with I would love to go to a “parranda”
For those who don’t know what “parranda” is in Spanish
in English means to have or to go to a big, great party
She comes from the land of the big macho
That could mean a man from over there can give you a nice spicy big taco
Her country has beautiful beaches and a nice place called Cancun
But when you look at her you think she actually comes from the moon
She hasn’t realised how cute and beautiful she is
But I’m sure she’s already been told so by her hot man who is from Germany
She has a beautiful and brown silky skin
She looks like those chocolates you eat on Christmas eve
Her teeth are white like cotton
And they look like a flower which is about to blossom
She also has a lovely and friendly smile
And a beautiful spirit that seems to fly to the sky
When I get to work I know I can count on that smile
And that is something which will never has a price
She recently went to visit Mexico, her homeland
And she came back with more smiles in one of her hands
I have a feeling she miss her family, friends and home
That’s the reason why I dedicating her this sincerely poem
Fernanda Fernanda thank you for having such an amicable face
Your smile is like the sunshine that ornaments my own brown face
I am glad I met you in the building of ‪#‎Facebook‬
Because one day you will be part of the stories of my friendship’s book


1 comment:

  1. Beautiful, you have real talent for poetry. Fernanda is a lovely person, she deserves this nice poem. X