Sunday, 10 April 2016

Poem: Indonesian Pearl

Zevanya Tesalonika Kusumaningtyas

#poem Indonesian Pearl

She is from Indonesia, a country of good food
And I think that's the reason why
when you look into her lovely eyes
she put you in a great mood

Indonesia is a country with a lot of natural resources
it has rice, tea, coffee, spices and many more
but its main exportation is this girl who doesn't live there anymore

Now she lives in Dublin and is one of my workmates
And she has quickly become my friend which I think it's great

She is small, brown and sweet like a candy
that is a good reason to say her true friendship is very handy

She has a beautiful and exotic round face
and her gorgeous smile can take you to a magical place

Recently she touched my heart with a nice gesture
She gave me a hat as a present which I already consider it a treasure

The hat is exotic and has bright colors
it is brown and  has yellow spots
what she did not know is that
I consider yellow the color of love

I know you are wondering what her name is
well I can tell you her name is Zevanya
and I think is a beautiful name that sounds like art
but it is because she posses a formidable heart

Zevanya Zevanya I want to tell a secret to you
I love going to work because I know I will see you
You are a beautiful person and an adorable girl
You really really are like an Indonesian pearl


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