Wednesday, 26 October 2016

The Power of Love - Raul & Martin

Raul & Martin

Raul, a nice, naive and harmless guy (Played by Sebastian) is the centre of affection of gay Martin (Played by me). Raul is enthralled by Martin's over enthusiasm, great spirit and happiness, to the extent that he accepts to move in together and "break" some tradition.

Watch the short video below, and you will have a laugh...


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Sunday, 23 October 2016

Magic Monday

I dedicate this message to all those people who still dare to believe in their inner child, and to all those who do not like Mondays. Monday can be a fun day. It's down to you to make it happen.

Enjoy it...



Thursday, 20 October 2016

I was somebody's nightmare

My YouTuber friend, Sebastian, has very good ways to keep his audience entertained and amused with his dark, unique sense of humor.

To this date, we have partnered for different projects and what I like about our partnership is that even though, we are so different (come on he is German, I am Venezuelan) we have managed to amalgamate our culture differences and have created some good material together.

I would like to publicly say thank you my NBF for making me part of your constantly content creation process and the below video shows something really funny... 



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Monday, 17 October 2016

Brenda & Dan: A love story

Love always wins
I sincerely believe this lovely story is a true narrative of the way life and love sometimes have funny ways of working things out for two people to be happy. Because I am a hopelessly romantic person, when I first heard this story, I got hooked to it straight away. I was moved thinking that when love grabs us by our wrists to show us the way, we just need to follow the path.

Love is always right. Never wrong!

This is the story of Brenda and Dan. A love story.

She is from Dublin. He is from Essex, but geography does not matter. There is a nice feeling that has the power to link countries, even continents and that feeling is called LOVE.

In 2011, Brenda, a girl who has the perfect face to promote cosmetic products, put on her carmesi-red lipstick on to go to The Westbury hotel, in Dublin city centre. I can picture her, as soon as she walked in the door, those lips magically enchanted the room. Catching the attention of many people, in particular a special someone who now is the man of her life. A special someone who I can imagine has a very strong, sexy north-English accent.

Dan was in Dublin just for the weekend. A weekend that has an indelible mark in his heart.

That day little did she know her life was going to take an unexpected turn. Little did she know her heart was going to flourish like a rose bud, exuding a flavour of romanticism, getting ready for what would happen later in life. The same with him, because no matter how strong of a man you might be, when a girl has the power to enamor you, you fall in love and become vulnerable, like the rest of humanity.

Ups and downs and when love decides to step-in to cater for what was needed

They did the long-distance for a year, traveling back and forth every couple of weeks to see each other. Then Brenda moved to England for them to be together. She sold all her possessions and left following her feelings, believing in them. They lived together in the UK for a year. However, things did not work out and they split up. She came back to Dublin and he stayed in the UK.

This break up lasted for four years. Even though they decided to move on, they stayed in touch, sending each other Birthday and Christmas cards - which I find fascinating. And this is what gets me to come to the conclusion that love conquered everything. He never forgot about her. She was always in his mind. She never forgot about him. He was always in her mind for four long years. They managed to keep alive the feeling that got them together in the first place, without even realising. They just felt what they felt and went along with it and I think that’s lovely. Don’t you?

The reunion...

It is true that we need to be rational, practical and strong. That’s good, they are good qualities to have as a person. However, when we realise we are equipped with all the ‘practical’ stuff, we open the door for love to get in and dictate us what to do when in comes to our poor little hearts

This is what they did.
In Brenda’s words: “We met up again and straight away he let me know he missed me terribly, I obviously felt the same way because we both never moved on from one another properly. So after a long chat we decided not to waste anytime and give it another go 100 percent this time. And so we did”

And guys I am so happy for you that you did. What you have done is a celebration, not only to life, but also to love, and that’s outstanding.

Some lessons to learn from this story

When we love someone, we put all our energies into it to make sure we are protecting our own feelings and the feelings of the one we love. When we love someone, we are able to make full commitment for our relationship to work. When we love someone, we are able to ‘sacrifice’ for things to be OK for both of us. I would like to outline that there is no better more rewarding ‘sacrifice’ than the one we make in the name of love. When we are in love, we are still aware of the challenges we have to face as a couple, but everything is possible in the name of love.

Brenda and Dan have done this. They have decided to be together because they love each other. Brenda asked to be transferred from her job in Dublin to London. Now Brenda and Dan are living together and trying to make the most of their relationship.

Guys, I respect you and salute you for allowing love to be your best guidance. I am hoping next time I write something about you, it will be either about your wedding or your intentions to extend your family.



Sunday, 9 October 2016

The privilege to be alive

I am the number one admirer of high level of thinking. I enjoy reading and writing about Marketing, Social Media, Business, Current Affairs. I enjoy paying attention to statistics, financial indications & political predictions.
I enjoy keeping an eye on the news, see what's in trend, what's the hot topic in any field, industry, sector. Yes, like many of you, I enjoying keeping myself well- informed to have an opinion and to gain inspiration for my next article.
In doing so, sometimes I have come across horrendous stories which make my heart shrink: people dying, people killing themselves, illnesses, so much suffering in the world etc, and what makes me most sad is to read stories of children dying and suffering they way they do. It is very sad.
I understand that's life, that's the world we live in, however, having the understanding of "it is what it is" doesn't make it less sad or more bearable. At the end of the day, we are humans and no matter how practical we may be - or pretend to be - we have feelings and emotions, therefore we have compassion.
I am aware we can not change world, all we can do it's to try to live in it with dignity, so...
I would like to invite you all not to loose faith in humanity. Together, let's consolidate our hopes to have the vision of a brighter future. Let's try to see in which way we can make a positive contribution to the world - even if it's small. Let's try to do our best to enjoy who we are deep down.
And while doing so, let's try to be grateful to still have the profound privilege to be alive.

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Sebastian & Friends - Ep. 04 Marlon

Sebastian, Me & Marc

Sebastian strikes again

This is my second collaboration with Sebastian. The first one was #endhatdiscrimination . Again I feel honored and it was a pleasure to be part of his project.

This time, Sebastian or his character (I should clarify), interviews me to try to know a bit more about my love for colorful hats and my beautiful country, Brazil.

His character is the epitome of narcissism - who tries to diminish his interviewees in order to try to build up his shattered self-esteem.

The whole thing was hilarious to film & the real Sebastian (the nice one) did a great job with his original idea and the whole script.

I take this opportunity to say to Marc that it was a pleasure working with you and to have the chance to get to know a bit more about you. I hope we can do more in the future!

This is the video

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