Sunday, 9 October 2016

The privilege to be alive

I am the number one admirer of high level of thinking. I enjoy reading and writing about Marketing, Social Media, Business, Current Affairs. I enjoy paying attention to statistics, financial indications & political predictions.
I enjoy keeping an eye on the news, see what's in trend, what's the hot topic in any field, industry, sector. Yes, like many of you, I enjoying keeping myself well- informed to have an opinion and to gain inspiration for my next article.
In doing so, sometimes I have come across horrendous stories which make my heart shrink: people dying, people killing themselves, illnesses, so much suffering in the world etc, and what makes me most sad is to read stories of children dying and suffering they way they do. It is very sad.
I understand that's life, that's the world we live in, however, having the understanding of "it is what it is" doesn't make it less sad or more bearable. At the end of the day, we are humans and no matter how practical we may be - or pretend to be - we have feelings and emotions, therefore we have compassion.
I am aware we can not change world, all we can do it's to try to live in it with dignity, so...
I would like to invite you all not to loose faith in humanity. Together, let's consolidate our hopes to have the vision of a brighter future. Let's try to see in which way we can make a positive contribution to the world - even if it's small. Let's try to do our best to enjoy who we are deep down.
And while doing so, let's try to be grateful to still have the profound privilege to be alive.

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