Saturday, 18 March 2017

A year ago we got married...AGAIN!

Photo by Una Williams
I'd say the Register Office is sick of us at this stage. As a gay couple, we have availed every single right the constitution offers to support our union.

When the Civil Partnership became a reality, back in 2011, we were the second gay couple to be registered to get Civil Partnered and the same year, July 15, we got married (or Civil Partnered) for the first time.

Then in May 2015, the Same-sex marriage referendum won, so we decided to avail that right too and the 18 of March 2016 we got married for the second time. It was the day after Saint Patrick's - which I call National Hangover Day hehe.

It was a great day. We did the usual official signing papers in the Register Office surrounded by three close friends: TV producer John Norton,  former model Amanda O'Sullivan and model Alli McDonnell - someone who loves everything gay! John and Amanda were our signing witnesses.

After the ceremony, we had a meal and a party in Fade Street Social. The meal was great and the party was even better. We have great memories of one of our most loving day of our lives.

If there was another law that would allow us to seal our union once again, we would absolutely do so because it is such a great feeling to be in love and being able to celebrate what we feel for each other.

So it is very nice to keep it bright, keep light and keep it gay...