Sunday, 23 April 2017

I quit smoking & I rewarded myself with a D&G manbag

I was recently having a conversation with someone who is trying to quit smoking but he is finding it very hard. As I was trying to encourage him to quit due to health benefits, I noticed in his face my encouragement was sounding rather boring. So I immediately came up with a better idea: my own experience.

 I think when we  are emphatic with people, because we have been there and done that, your own experience become more relevant and encouraging. I said if you want I can tell you how I quit and what I did, and he said "Yes, please, tell me!"

The reason I quit was to support John, my hubby, who had to quit advised by his Doctor because he suffers from asthma. I was not doing it for myself, because If I have to be honest, I must say I really did enjoy smoking cigarettes. But oh boy, I didn't know my solidarity was going to become a real nightmare. Yes, quit smoking can be hard, but NOT impossible.

What I did... 

For me, I don't want to lie, it was bloody hard. One day, I sat down and said to myself 'Marlon you are really struggling because this is bloody hard so do something about your will power, why don't you reward yourself?"

And that was exactly what I did.

Cigarettes has always been expensive. It is a very expensive vice. We quit around 8 years ago and I don't remember how much a 20 pack were back then. I used to buy a pack of 20 twice a week. So when I quit, I pretended I was still buying them and put the money aside (saving). In a short period of time, I saved 380 euro which was a good amount to say to myself. "Marlon you have done great, now it's time to reward yourself"

I love bags so with the money I saved I went to Brown Thomas and I got myself and fabulous D&G bag - which is a bag a still treasure because it is the product of my struggle to quit smoking. And to this date, 8 years ago, I have not touched a cigarette and I still have my bag.

I asked to my friend what he was into and he said shoes. So I said 'well shoes are a great motivation to quit smoking and as a reward buy yourself a fabulous pair of shoes'. The delight in his face told me it was better to talk about rewarding yourself rather than talking the 'health benefits'. I know it sounds ironic but it is true.

So for all those people trying to quit something, whatever it is, keep going, don't give up, and please reward yourself with something because it will be the best reward...EVER.


Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Easter Sunday: Jasus in my garden

Jasus played by Anders Carlsson

On Easter Sunday, I invited a couple of friends to the Compton-Jimenez's sanctuary for a Sunday roasting dinner, cooked by the man himself, my husband, Mr. John Compton.

The idea was to have friends over for a bit of camaraderie. No expectations at all. But OMG, after dinner and a few (very few, actually) drinks, the afternoon evening/became an unexpected event which was so much, we are still laughing and talking about it.

I invited our friends Amanda, Alli and Hannes . I have asked Hannes to bring one his good friends, Anders - someone who I immediately liked when I heard of him and saw some his pics online. And oh boy, I was not wrong. He is a guy who is so much, as you can see from the pics and video.

When I first saw one of Anders pics, I quickly decided to call him...'Jesus' - you can see why!

Alli came up with of making a video to resemble the Easter festivities. They suggested we should try to re-enact one of the scenes from the movie "The Life Of Brian"  - We didn't exactly copy the scene, but we got the spirit from it.

We posted the video on Facebook and the respond has been very good...

Watch for yourself & I now can say..."Roll on next Easter" - Jasus might multiply the fish or even walk on water...

The video has been viewed over five thousand times so far: VIDEO


Sunday, 2 April 2017

When we do good, we feel great #zamdaireland

Photo courtesy of Gonzalo Zawadzki

I recently had the great privilege to co-host a charity event called "Artists for Zambia"- organized by my dear colleague and artist, Luciana Marin - someone I have so much admiration for.

When Luli, as we call her, asked me to co-host the event supporting Zamda Ireland, I immediately said YES! because when I found out what Zamda Ireland does I was impressed and touched by the amazing work this charity organization is doing in Africa, in particular in Zambia.

"Zamda Ireland is a charity organization dedicated to providing direct and effective aid to a number of projects in and around the city of Kabwe in Zambia" And my boss, Kathryn Kantounia, is going to Kabwe for two weeks to provide assistance and give a helping hand. This is the reason why Luli organized this fundraising event.

The event took place in Kennedy's pub and it was a success. Thank you to Kennedy's pub management for their hospitality.

We auctioned different art pieces, from photos to paintings, by amateur and well-known artists. It was a night of great ideas and creativity displayed in very attractive artist expressions. You can have a look at the work auctioned on Artists for Zambia catalogue.

We raised just over €1600 - Wooohooo!!!

So a big THANK YOU to everybody who came to support the event, and more so to all those who made a valuable contribution by taking part in the actual auction.

I can honestly say we have made history because our contribution is going to have a HUGE impact on some people's lives.

You can have a look at some pics from the event on here - Thanks to Gonzalo Zawadzki for such great images!

And always remember: When we do good, we feel great!