Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Easter Sunday: Jasus in my garden

Jasus played by Anders Carlsson

On Easter Sunday, I invited a couple of friends to the Compton-Jimenez's sanctuary for a Sunday roasting dinner, cooked by the man himself, my husband, Mr. John Compton.

The idea was to have friends over for a bit of camaraderie. No expectations at all. But OMG, after dinner and a few (very few, actually) drinks, the afternoon evening/became an unexpected event which was so much, we are still laughing and talking about it.

I invited our friends Amanda, Alli and Hannes . I have asked Hannes to bring one his good friends, Anders - someone who I immediately liked when I heard of him and saw some his pics online. And oh boy, I was not wrong. He is a guy who is so much, as you can see from the pics and video.

When I first saw one of Anders pics, I quickly decided to call him...'Jesus' - you can see why!

Alli came up with of making a video to resemble the Easter festivities. They suggested we should try to re-enact one of the scenes from the movie "The Life Of Brian"  - We didn't exactly copy the scene, but we got the spirit from it.

We posted the video on Facebook and the respond has been very good...

Watch for yourself & I now can say..."Roll on next Easter" - Jasus might multiply the fish or even walk on water...

The video has been viewed over five thousand times so far: VIDEO


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