Sunday, 2 April 2017

When we do good, we feel great #zamdaireland

Photo courtesy of Gonzalo Zawadzki

I recently had the great privilege to co-host a charity event called "Artists for Zambia"- organized by my dear colleague and artist, Luciana Marin - someone I have so much admiration for.

When Luli, as we call her, asked me to co-host the event supporting Zamda Ireland, I immediately said YES! because when I found out what Zamda Ireland does I was impressed and touched by the amazing work this charity organization is doing in Africa, in particular in Zambia.

"Zamda Ireland is a charity organization dedicated to providing direct and effective aid to a number of projects in and around the city of Kabwe in Zambia" And my boss, Kathryn Kantounia, is going to Kabwe for two weeks to provide assistance and give a helping hand. This is the reason why Luli organized this fundraising event.

The event took place in Kennedy's pub and it was a success. Thank you to Kennedy's pub management for their hospitality.

We auctioned different art pieces, from photos to paintings, by amateur and well-known artists. It was a night of great ideas and creativity displayed in very attractive artist expressions. You can have a look at the work auctioned on Artists for Zambia catalogue.

We raised just over €1600 - Wooohooo!!!

So a big THANK YOU to everybody who came to support the event, and more so to all those who made a valuable contribution by taking part in the actual auction.

I can honestly say we have made history because our contribution is going to have a HUGE impact on some people's lives.

You can have a look at some pics from the event on here - Thanks to Gonzalo Zawadzki for such great images!

And always remember: When we do good, we feel great!


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