Monday, 15 May 2017

Do not apologise for who you are

One of the advantages of being a blogger, or having a strong social media presence, is that you can convey messages that can touch and influence people.

I usually get feedback about some of the blogs I have written or comments I have made on my social media. There is a blog I published a little while ago called "The price of being yourself" and only last week two people asked me "Marlon how do you do it, how can you be so positive about yourself?"

Since I consider myself a good judge of character, I try to answer the question based on their individuals' personality traits. 

Having said that...

I have a general message, but I don't want to be on here "lecturing" people the way they should live their lives. However, I would like to honor my good intentions by saying these four things...

  • We live once. We have only one life so it is important we try to make it meaningful, relevant, fruitful and beautiful.
  • If we don't love ourselves, who else is going to love us? We should always try to remember that we are the only one who has the ability to emotionally look after ourselves. 
  • Let's not pay attention to whoever doesn't like us or love us. Life is too busy to try to please everybody. 
And more importantly...
  • Let's embrace who we are. By doing so, we will realise we can be comfortable in our own skin. Let's not give excuses for our existence. We are who we are and once we are not causing harm to anyway in any way, we do not need to apologise for who we are.
I hope this is a nice message and I hope didn't sound like Oprah Winfrey with a Spanish accent.


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