Thursday, 22 June 2017

Ireland you are Gaymazing

All I would like to say is THANK YOU gay-Ireland

 for opening your gay arms and heart and embrace me and giving me the opportunity to live my life as a gay man freely, proudly and safe.

for proving to this date you have been one of the best and biggest decisions I have ever made in my life.

for giving the chance to have a gay voice, a gay good life and a gay home.

and most of all THANK YOU

for my gorgeous husband, my best friend, a partner in crime and companion of life. He is my GAYVRYTHING and he is Irish. I love him to Gay-bits.

Thank you, you the one reading for your Gay-support. Have a GREAT, GAY PRIDE

With gay love...


Monday, 19 June 2017

And her name is Amanda...

They say that 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder', but hey! I can tell you that sometimes that beauty can be a human existence.

In my opinion, when beauty is complemented by being a good person and having a sparkling personality, you are the whole combo. This is the case of this special girl who I am fortunate enough to call my friend.

I met her the same year I met my hubby. I was only started going out with John and he told me his friend had invited us for a BBQ. That was our first encounter. Time passed and I didn't see her for a while until I moved in with John and here we are, nearly 13 years later we have become The Three Musketeers.

Modeling days

When I started to get know more about her life and what she did, I heard bits and pieces about her modeling work which I thought it was nice. I also heard she was a very good press call model. John thinks she paved the way in the industry.

When I say it was 'nice' is because at that point I hadn't seen her book. So one day for some reason I asked her to show me her book, and OMFG, I was impressed and proud actually. Then it came to my mind straight away, she is very humble, for someone who gathered material from her modeling days, and nobody knows about it. That very same day I thought I have to get my hands on that book and write about her, but I had to be clandestine because I wanted to surprise her.

Recently, we were in my kitchen having dinner and she asked me to go to her apartment to get something, and I said to myself 'Marlon, this is your moment', I raided her closet and found the book. And here I am writing this blog and loving it.

We can see in the pictures, as a model, she was quite versatile. That beautiful ginger hair, those beautiful eyes which when they are done, they are stunning, and that body, all those assets were put to good use and she did commercial and fashion and, of course, the press calls.

Amanda and Yvonne Connolly

Well done honey and remember you are still FABULOUS!!!

The model, the footballer and the press went crazy

She went to a launch of something and just by chance she met soccer star, Phil Babb - who is from Liverpool but playing for the Irish team. The connection was instantaneous and OMG together "they kicked so many balls" Phil happened to be in town, partying, and went to the same club she went after the launch. He was on top of his game and she was busy doing her thing in modeling. They became an item. The press would follow them and haunt her to know about their relationship. The press were obsessed with them and they made a lot of headlines: 'Footballing Phil loses his heart to Dublin model". "Phil opens his heart". "Liverpool footballer and member of Irish team, Phil Babb and girlfriend, model Amanda O'Sullivan"

Because I know her well and I know how lovely her personality is. I think to this date, Phil might be reminiscing those days because they were great craic.

Before going any further, I would like to say I am getting emotional putting this writing together to pay a homage to someone who utterly deserves it.

 Among other things, one of the newspapers mentioned that she was "undoubtedly breaking hundreds of young female hearts around the country'. Phil had only eyes for her.

To me, she is a super model because she is a super Mother

Let's put aside modeling, makeup and being dressed to the nine. Let's put aside the footballer, the papers, and all the glamorous stories. To me, for the last 7 years, she has been walking the most beautiful catwalk a real woman can walk on; Being a Mother. She knows when it comes to raising human beings, you forget about your own hair and makeup and concentrate on walking the most important platform life can offer to any girl which is being a great Mother, and that's exactly what she has done.

Eli and Lukas

Her two sons, Lukas and Eli, are a walking testimony of what a happy upbringing is all about. Those two happy boys are a transparent translation of the love and devotion she has invested in them. They are very intelligent, well-spoken, witty, smart and all of this is the result of the loving platform she has offered them to stand on. Most remarkably. they are two supremely happy children who are blessed to have the mother they have. And what a yummy mummy!

I have said this to her, but I haven't confessed it publicly: sometimes she reminds me of my own mother: disciplinary, sometimes strict, but always allowing them to be who they are in the name of love. I personally think this is paramount when, as a mother, you know that love is the only trait that will help your children go far in life, as people.

The girl + the boobies = boobilicious

I am the number one fan of her  anatomy - which is concerning because I'm gay. But how can you not admire a girl who has a very nice, slim figure, after two children, and a pair of boobies that look like mountains? ; )

The friend

The Three Musketeers
We have had so much fun together

I am happy to have her in my/our life. We have built up a friendship based on sincere feelings, honesty, understanding and total respect. She knows she can come to us when she needs it the most, and we know we can count on her, too.

This blog is just a very small way to celebrate someone who we consider a gem of a friend and her name is...Amanda


Wednesday, 7 June 2017

We MUST enjoy being alive!!!

My heart is broken. It has been a roller-coaster of a month. Last week, we were on holidays and even though we were victims of an unfortunate event, we tried to have a good time. We tried to enjoy as much as we could, and we did!

I got back to Dublin last Friday and trying to take advantage of the long weekend, we had people over in the house for lunch and a few drinks. Then woke up on Sunday to the news, one of my nephews, from Venezuela, was killed in Maicao, Colombia.

He was only 19 years-old, but unfortunately, he was a lost soul. Without going into much detail, his life was shaped not to be a good one. Victim of his own circumstances, he ended up they way he did.


I remember when he was born. It was a joy for the family. A little person who brought a bit of light to a house which was a bit shattered. However, that joy did not last that long.

We - family members, neighbors and people who knew him and us - knew this day was coming, but when you love someone you, in the name of love, try to deny what it is inevitable. But there you go!

His name was Yoleman...

This picture is the way I will always remember him: An innocent, gorgeous little boy with a super cute smile!

I must confess since my Mother died, the only thing in life I hate is death. I know dying is part of living but it is something I still find hard to comprehend.

When death decides to visit us and slap us, with no mercy, across the face there is nothing we can do at the time. We just take the slap as hard as it is and cry and cry and cry more. It is horrible! But after a while, sadness kind of ease a little bit and it's exactly there when we have to make a choice.

I have chosen to be happy

I know it is OK to be sad. I know that if our heart is broken, it is broken, that's OK, but after grieving and after being sad, I would like to choose to welcome my smile back in my face. This time will not be different.

Being happy is the only way we have to honor the memory of the people we have loved and who have left us.

That is for sure. From heaven, they are watching us and we should allow them to witness we are - or at least trying - living a happy life. They know life is precious, life is great and amazing. This a powerful reason to say: We MUST enjoy being alive!!!


Saturday, 3 June 2017

A bittersweet break in the sun

If you we are friends of Facebook, which I hope we are! Or if you follow me on Instagram, you might know that my hubby and I went to Las Chapas, a very nice area in Marbella - Spain.

We were so looking forward to a very-well deserved break in the sun, however the very same day we arrived, our car was broken into and we were robbed. I documented the incident on my Facebook page.

What I have learnt from this incident

I have learnt that unfortunate events can not be predicted. I have learnt that no matter how 'expensive' certain material possessions are, they are exactly that material possessions. I have learnt, once again, I am a very strong person with a lot of internal resources to get myself straight back up if I have been knocked down. I have learnt that this incident brought me together even closer with my beloved hubby, John.

We are OK and tried to make the most of our holidays despite all the hassle and inconvenience this incident created.

What did we do to try to cope

Among other fun and entertaining things, we went to the a Nudest beach - which was a total new and fun experience to me and I loved it. We explored the area and took pics of some of the beautiful houses we were surrounded by. I recorded a few videos for my Facebook & Instagram which received a great reaction, and that kept us entertained, too. My hubby is my best partner in crime and he recorded the videos.

You are more than welcome to check my Facebook page or Instagram and have a little laugh with some of the videos.

My advice

If you are planning to go on holidays, or making a trip of any kind, just be very careful. Get a travel insurance which is very important. Never leave in your car any belongings that might attract attention. Do not trust everybody and if a situation or place gives you not good vibe, listen to your gut. And if you are with your partner, family and friends, try to look after each other. More importantly, do not allow an unfortunate event to diminish you happy spirit and try your best to enjoy your holidays. Unfortunately shit happens.