Saturday, 3 June 2017

A bittersweet break in the sun

If you we are friends of Facebook, which I hope we are! Or if you follow me on Instagram, you might know that my hubby and I went to Las Chapas, a very nice area in Marbella - Spain.

We were so looking forward to a very-well deserved break in the sun, however the very same day we arrived, our car was broken into and we were robbed. I documented the incident on my Facebook page.

What I have learnt from this incident

I have learnt that unfortunate events can not be predicted. I have learnt that no matter how 'expensive' certain material possessions are, they are exactly that material possessions. I have learnt, once again, I am a very strong person with a lot of internal resources to get myself straight back up if I have been knocked down. I have learnt that this incident brought me together even closer with my beloved hubby, John.

We are OK and tried to make the most of our holidays despite all the hassle and inconvenience this incident created.

What did we do to try to cope

Among other fun and entertaining things, we went to the a Nudest beach - which was a total new and fun experience to me and I loved it. We explored the area and took pics of some of the beautiful houses we were surrounded by. I recorded a few videos for my Facebook & Instagram which received a great reaction, and that kept us entertained, too. My hubby is my best partner in crime and he recorded the videos.

You are more than welcome to check my Facebook page or Instagram and have a little laugh with some of the videos.

My advice

If you are planning to go on holidays, or making a trip of any kind, just be very careful. Get a travel insurance which is very important. Never leave in your car any belongings that might attract attention. Do not trust everybody and if a situation or place gives you not good vibe, listen to your gut. And if you are with your partner, family and friends, try to look after each other. More importantly, do not allow an unfortunate event to diminish you happy spirit and try your best to enjoy your holidays. Unfortunately shit happens.


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