Wednesday, 7 June 2017

We MUST enjoy being alive!!!

My heart is broken. It has been a roller-coaster of a month. Last week, we were on holidays and even though we were victims of an unfortunate event, we tried to have a good time. We tried to enjoy as much as we could, and we did!

I got back to Dublin last Friday and trying to take advantage of the long weekend, we had people over in the house for lunch and a few drinks. Then woke up on Sunday to the news, one of my nephews, from Venezuela, was killed in Maicao, Colombia.

He was only 19 years-old, but unfortunately, he was a lost soul. Without going into much detail, his life was shaped not to be a good one. Victim of his own circumstances, he ended up they way he did.


I remember when he was born. It was a joy for the family. A little person who brought a bit of light to a house which was a bit shattered. However, that joy did not last that long.

We - family members, neighbors and people who knew him and us - knew this day was coming, but when you love someone you, in the name of love, try to deny what it is inevitable. But there you go!

His name was Yoleman...

This picture is the way I will always remember him: An innocent, gorgeous little boy with a super cute smile!

I must confess since my Mother died, the only thing in life I hate is death. I know dying is part of living but it is something I still find hard to comprehend.

When death decides to visit us and slap us, with no mercy, across the face there is nothing we can do at the time. We just take the slap as hard as it is and cry and cry and cry more. It is horrible! But after a while, sadness kind of ease a little bit and it's exactly there when we have to make a choice.

I have chosen to be happy

I know it is OK to be sad. I know that if our heart is broken, it is broken, that's OK, but after grieving and after being sad, I would like to choose to welcome my smile back in my face. This time will not be different.

Being happy is the only way we have to honor the memory of the people we have loved and who have left us.

That is for sure. From heaven, they are watching us and we should allow them to witness we are - or at least trying - living a happy life. They know life is precious, life is great and amazing. This a powerful reason to say: We MUST enjoy being alive!!!


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  1. A beautiful expression of your feelings. Love should be unconditional and although your nephew travelled a road you didn't understand you still loved the child you remembered. He is in a more peaceful place now. I'm a pragmatist where death is own & others....we grieve then move on. It just makes us appreciate the life we have and people we cherish.