Monday, 21 August 2017

A Swedish man with a lot of savoir-faire

“Savoir-faire (French), knowledge of just what to do in any situation, tact”

I am someone who throughout my life I have had good friends. Because I am a people’s person for me is very important to cultivate strong connections with people I know. However, I have never had a relationship with a heterosexual man that flourished into a bromance. And this is what I have with this Swedish treasure of a friend.

I never thought that one day complimenting his shoes was going to lead to a lovely friendship I am keeping close to my heart. Words fail me to describe how fortunate I feel to be getting to know him who is someone who has a heart made of gold, he is a human being of a high standard.

Our connection has become stronger because we have told each other about our lives experiences. I find him supremely endearing telling me about his happy childhood memories, telling me about his mum and dad and sister. I can honestly say he is the result of having grown in a happy household, with loving parents who instilled in him a desire not only to succeed but also to be a great person.

What a man!

Sometimes I think the day he meets and marries his soulmate, she already is a lucky girl who won the lottery. He is a good son, brother and friend. He is someone with very strong family values.

Jokingly I have told him that I am going to create a website called - we are receiving applications. Because...What a man!

The face and the brain

I particularly think he is a beautiful man. He has a very unique face nobody else has. His looks are what in the fashion industry is labeled as ‘high fashion’.
He reminds me of the former super model and now Academy Award-winning actress Tilda Swinton, who also has a spectacular singular face.

He didn’t become a fashion model. He actually is an engineer so on top of the wonderfulness he possesses as a person and his look, he also has a brain and what a brain.
Homage to him

The reason I am publicly paying this homage to him is because I am very happy to have him in my life. I know I can count on him. I know he is someone who is a friend for life, and I will try my very best to cultivate and preserve our friendship forever.
We have spent a lot of time together and never have had a dull moment. We can talk about serious stuff, but we also make each other laugh, it’s a great feeling.

Christmas time 2016
Our LaLa Land moment in The George
A very random Saturday afternoon drinks
June, Sunday Bank Holiday in my garden

In reminiscing I have said to myself “Thank god I complimented his shoes, otherwise I would have missed the opportunity of enjoying this wonderful friendship”.

The name of the Swedish man with a lot of savoir-faire is Hannes Adollarsson.

Hannes thank you for existing, thank you for the friendship and cheers to many many great experiences together.

I love you, my friend!


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