Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Sometimes is just the simple things

I love my job. I manage to try to find real meaning in what I do because it is important for my psychological well-being. Don't get me wrong, sometimes I struggle to get out of bed, but the thought of seeing the people I work with - from my bosses to my work-mates - is always a good motivation to get up and get my day rolling.

I take very seriously what I do, too. And this idea of trying to make the world more open and connected is something I do enjoy thinking it's part of my mission. From the moment I open my laptop to the moment I send my first email etc...I feel I am doing a job that is rewarding...rewarding in many ways - at least for me.

However...as Cindy Lauper would sing "when the working day is done" I am so looking forward to coming home to my man and my dinner.

Just the little things...

I chose to be happy and appreciate what I have, and this will always remain that way

I love coming home. It is a great feeling knowing my hubby is picking me up from the train station (even though I sometimes have to give out because he is late), then getting into the house and closing the door behind us when it's just the three of us in the house - of course, Sammy our dog is part of the whole experience, it is an amazing feeling I will never change for anything in the world.

And then having those nice dinners only my hubby knows how to cook with his main ingredients: tenderness, love and care, makes me come to the conclusion that those simple things will always be important things I will always treasure because I chose to be happy.

The core of my message

I am not bragging, what I am saying is try to enjoy who/what you have. Try to enjoy and value those simple things that are relevant and meaningful to you. Whatever they might be. Because we are living in a hassle and hurry world we tend to forget about those little, tiny things that are so powerful for our psychological and emotional well-being.

 That's exactly what I try to do and it's a great feeling which can not even be bought by a MasterCard ; )


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