Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Seasonal Affective Disorder

It was one of those weird things, when I first heard the term SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), I went in my head "What the f❤ck?". I couldn't understand, and I'm still struggling to understand, that some people can get depressed because of weather changes.

So I needed to be a bit more open minded about it and I did some research. I found out that the condition is more common than I thought or knew about, in particular in those countries where the four seasons occur.

However, I must explain the reason I was sceptical was because I come from Maracaibo, Venezuela, a city where you have the sun shining all year around. Sometimes you can have a 40 degrees weather, and in those days you can even fry an egg on top of a car. So, it is quite understandable I have never been the victim of SAD.

Having said this, I know a couple of people who come from hot countries. Actually, I know a couple of people from Venezuela, too, who get depressed when there is no sunshine. This reality kind of make you wonder: Is it really the weather, or is it just us who have the proclivity to get depressed? But who am I to make such assumption?

What to do if you are affected by the condition...

I would like to go back to my own statement of having an open mind, because if it does not happen to me, it doesn't mean it does not exist, and I would like to share some info I found researching the topic. Some Doctors and other professionals recommend to:

  • Lit candles when in the house
  • Try to sit near a window when travelling to your destination
  • Leave a light on in the house when going to bed, even to try
  • Light therapy - photo therapy which consists on exposing ourselves to light via special box or lamp. You can find out more about on this link

What else to do

As the day are getting shorter, it is rather likely we will be spending more time indoors, so I think this the perfect time to:

  • Get a gym membership and workout throughout the winter so we will have a fit body for next summer
  • Enroll ourselves in college and do a course to gain more knowledge and upskill
  • Have movie nights in the house with family and/or friends, or like me
  • Enjoy the dark days as I my hubby and I make our home romantic and spend time with each other cosy in our couch watching TV

The matter of fact is, we have to do something to improve the way we feel. Nature can be nasty and that's not going to change. The perfect thing we can do it's finding a way to approach that nastiness. And if all of the above does not work, come to me a will give you a big, warm hug. Or just build a bridge and GET OVER hehehe


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  1. I should've been born where sunshine 365 days. Great blog post Marlon. I think though that the difference between clinical and seasonal depression must be stressed. With SAD there are tricks and mechanisms to minimise effect unfortunately not so with clinical.