Sunday, 19 November 2017

Instagram stories, not for me

This blog post is the result of having several chats about the subject with different people.

Even though I have a very strong social media presence, and through my blog #marlife I have an audience around the world, I have never used Instagram stories. 

I am a fervent user of my Instagram @marlife16 and I love it. I try to post content daily. However, Instagram Stories never appealed to me. These are some of the reasons why...

The content I create, whether funny or not, is imbued with passion, therefore to me it’s relevant and worth sharing. And the idea of having my content live for just 24 hours is not honoring the relevance of it.

When an idea comes to my mind and I work on it until is materialized, even if it’s just a picture, I prefer that material to be sempiternal and not ephemeral.  I highly treasure what I create.

The power of engagement 

To me, engagement is very important. Without too much effort, I like to see who is reacting to my content creation, how, when and from where, those reactions are occurring. 

Once an engagement is established, I respond to every single interaction, and sometimes a particular interaction can propel me with an idea to create more and more, it is like a snowball for content creation.
I love and enjoy paying attention to my audience and always try to find ways to nurture them.

The psychology behind it

As you can see, I take all this process very seriously and it is because I love it so much. My social media is the echo of my thoughts and feelings. Social media has helped me empower my voice.

A study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, in relation to pictures, states that taking pictures of a certain event can actually make the person remember the event more, thus making them happier if the event was an enjoyable one. To me, the same applies to videos.

Finally, all of the above is an extension of how I feel about myself. I feel relevant. I feel I matter and my presence in this world is powerful. And I would like it to be perpetual even one day when I will not be around.

Instagram stories makes me feel what I create is not relevant enough, therefore just worth living 24 hours, eh no no no


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  1. There’s a new feature on Insta now, called “highlights” It will last for as long as you want it to on your profile as long as you highlight the story, Marlon. Try it out!!! -Meg (link: