Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Main ingredient: TLC

I am sick of saying 'My hubby is a great cook', but I don't know why because I am the one who is, all the time, talking about his culinary skills. He is the cook in our sanctuary and, yes, I have to admit it, I am spoiled ; ) But It is not because I am lazy, but because he just loves cooking so I just allow him enjoying one the things he loves the most (apart from me cough cough).

So as I am enjoying a week off work, I decided I was going to be the chief in command of our kitchen, and I insisted he needed to sit down on our kitchen table - to keep me company - for me to cook a nice dinner for him.

I took two beautiful steaks, marinated them with garlic, salt, soya sauce and coriander. Very tasty. Even though he was happy with my good intention, I could notice he was a bit apprehensive not because he doesn't trust me, but because he felt - I think - one of his favorites places in the house has been invaded. He felt he was dethroned from.... The Kitchen.

The TLC ingredient: Tenderness, Love and Care

In his very subtle desperation, he was going "Oh baby, are the steaks already on?". "Oh I think the grill should be higher" "I think this should be this way" "What kind of sauce is that" and bla bla bla so I said "Could you please shut up and concentrate on what you are doing on the laptop?"

When I finally served the dish - which you can see above - he had a couple of observations to make. Observations I didn't care, anyway, because I know he deep down was delighted by the dinner I cooked with the TLC ingredient: Tenderness, Love and Care.

Life is wonderdul, all we have to do is to value the little things.


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