Sunday, 18 February 2018

Family day out

Hello #marlife people,

As part of trying to enjoy the simple things in life, I went out for a walk in the Phoenix Park with my hubby, John, and our dog Sammy. We had a nice time walking around the park and seeing Sammy getting dirty and wet, as you can imagine it is a rainy day here in Dublin. I guess the rain is a blessing from heaven.

We have decided that it is time to start enjoying the simple things in life and more important to spend more quality time with each other, too.

Today, more than ever, I have realised that life is precious. Life is full of great and beautiful things. All we have to do is to try to see those wonderful things and enjoy them.

So, I invite you to see life from the perspective of simpleness, and you will see a life full of wonderfulness.

With love


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