Sunday, 11 February 2018

Hasta la 'Vista', sadness!

Hello everybody!

As you might know, I have been very sad grieving and mourning the death of my niece, Yelitza - who passed away on January 24th.

I was and felt in a very dark place. The feeling of sadness took over my whole existence, literally. It was a feeling much bigger than me, but...


I have started feeling myself again, even though I am up and down, I can say I am grasping the joys of life again.

Things I have done to help myself

I am reading a book called 'On Grief and Grieving - Finding The Meaning Of Grief Through The Five Stages Of Loss' - given to me by a work colleague. It is a great book and it has helped me to understand a lot of things in life, and about myself, too.

I am also seeing a Psychologist from the Wellness department in work. She has been of great help. She has helped me to remember of the resilience I possess as a person; how broad and strong my outlook in life is; she has reminded me of how pivotal my self-esteem is - which is the core of my happiness. Overall, she has helped me to re-encounter with who really I am.

More importantly, she has helped me to revalidate my belief that happy people recover much quicker from the hardships of life. To me, this is crucial.

Things I have learned & reinforced from this adversity

  •  That no matter how happy we are, life can be cruel but is still worth living
  •  The importance of reconnecting with yourself, family and friends
  •  There is nothing wrong with being sad or vulnerable, all we have to do is express it
  •  To appreciate even more the way people love/like me. People have shown me their love in     many ways and I am very grateful for that

I am happy to say, I knew this was not going to last forever. I knew I was going to be back to be myself again, but I had to do some things for self-help.

These are some reasons why I am saying to sadness 'Hasta La Vista Sadness'


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