Sunday, 8 April 2018

My husband is having an affair with...

It is not a secret my hubby, John Compton, adores me, but I have to say I have a huge rival which I have to be worried about: his love for cooking.

He loves cooking more than he loves me, but I don't care because I get to eat great dishes that are made and cooked with me most important ingredients EVER: Tender, Love and Cook.

I said to him "I'd like to eat something different, something cooked with chicken" and he said "OK I will cook you a French dish called "Coq au vin". I have never heard of the dish before and OMG!


 This is the recipe just in case if you want to try and cook it

And if you need more instructions and indications, click on this link Coq Au Vine

Life is good when you eat good food cooked by your husband/wife hehehehe


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